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Raspberry Ketones for Weight Loss – Truth vs. Hype

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In an industry where weight loss ingredients can skyrocket to fame overnight and crash just as fast, it’s easy to doubt the staying power of the latest ingredient to hit the industry. 

On a February, 2012 episode of the Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed the weight loss benefits associated with raspberry ketones.  Touting it has the “the No. 1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat”1, Dr. Oz showed before-and-after photos of women who had experienced significant weight loss as a result of using raspberry ketones.  Since this episode first aired, sales of raspberry ketones have skyrocketed, so much to the point that supplement companies can barely keep up with consumer demand.

Raspberry Ketones – what are they?

Raspberry ketones are phytochemicals in raspberries that give them their distinct smell. Similar in chemical construction to capsaicin, heat compounds found in red chili peppers, both raspberry ketones and capsaicin are considered to be fat burners.

According to a 2012 study conducted in China, raspberry ketones may improve insulin sensitivity, lower cholesterol and reduce liver fat.  The findings of this study were confirmed by other studies conducted in both Japan and Korea.

Scientists believe these effects stem from the action of raspberry ketones in “altering the lipid metabolism, or more specifically, in increasing norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in white adipocytes.” All these studies were conducted using lab rats fed on a high-fat diet or in vitrio using cells. While lab tests on rats may look promising, the same results may not necessarily translate into human studies.2-3

What about the before-and-after pictures that Dr. Oz showed of women who claim to have used raspberry ketones to lose weight? It must be noted that these women said they supplemented their diet with raspberry ketones but also followed a weight loss plan that consisted of a healthy diet and exercise. Dr. Oz was quick to add that raspberry ketones work best “when paired with regular exercise and a well-balanced diet.”

So is it really a miracle? Maybe not a miracle in the true sense of the word, but there however appears to be some truth to the hype surrounding raspberry ketones, according to Dr. Stephen Anton, an assistant professor of aging and geriatrics at the University of Florida (Gainesville). Compared to the weight loss results of other plant compounds, raspberry ketones, indeed, look as if they have a promising future as a fat burner, but more conclusive results from human trials are needed to confirm this.

Tips for Weight Loss Formulations

Like a roller coaster, the weight loss industry has seen more than its share of wild peaks and crashing falls. This industry is by far the most influenced by both positive and negative publicity, which is why reputability, efficacy and safety are bigger concerns in the weight loss category than in any other supplement category. Over time, consumers have learned to be wary of products that promise miraculous weight loss results, and rightly so. Negative media coverage of suspect ingredients in the past has negatively impacted the industry, resulting in a double-digit drop in sales of diet pills last year, according to Functional Ingredients.4

So what should supplement business owners, like you, do if they want to enter the weight loss supplement market? According to Functional Ingredients, tried and tested ingredients may be the key to a successful product launch in the weight loss category.  The more products that get called off the shelf because of suspect ingredients, the more it gives rise for research-backed supplements to succeed.

In the meanwhile, consumer demands for raspberry ketones are still high, which is why you should consider contacting a GMP certified raspberry ketone manufacturers who could help you formulate a well-designed nutritional weight loss supplement 5  Coming to market with a raspberry ketone supplement now could put your product in a favourable position since they are already well-received by consumers.


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