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Read This Before You Buy Stair Lifts for the Elderly California

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Get a hold of these few things before you get on with buying stair lifts for the elderly in California. Undoubtedly, stair lifts for the elderly California is a great accessibility option for those facing problems while ambulating between floors of a house or accessing public buildings. 


First thing to consider before purchasing anything is the price. Costs of stair lifts for the elderly depend on quite a few things, but most importantly, it depends on the functions. The second thing that decides the price is whether the stair lifts for the elderly is a curved one or the common strait version. Other nonessential properties of these can make big differences in the prices. 


Curved stair lifts for the elderly are costly because these have to be custom made and no two curved stair lifts are identical; there are subtle differences in the curve. Installer can do the trick and make small modifications to the curve to make it compatible with almost any curve, but refitted or second hand curved stair lifts for the elderly California is definitely not recommendable. 


Next, let us move on to the safety features. Newer stair lifts for the elderly California are getting geared up with the ultimate in safety features. The more safety features you want, the more you will have to pay. Consider the state of the stair lift user before making any significant investment on the glitzy, hi-tech features; it may be overkill because the person might never need all the extras in safety. Very common safety attributes of stair lifts for the elderly California are:


Seat Belts

We would not imagine any stair lift without safety seat belts. You get this attached with the lift for no additional costs. This is necessary to hold the rider in place during the ascent or descent. Some special patients may require harnesses; unfortunately, this feature is not available by default with most stair lift manufacturers.


Swivel Seats

Just think what an elderly would have done without swivel seats. This allows the rider to swivel his or seat in and out of the landing to face the stairs and again face the landing at the end of the journey. There are two options in this feature, one is the manual swivel seat and the other is the mechanized version. If you have chosen the manual version, ask the manufacturer if the seat can be retrofitted later with motors to automate the swivelling process.



The easiest and safest options are the battery operated stair lifts for the elderly California. These have rechargeable batteries that draw juice from the mains and charge when they are at rest. Some stair lift batteries charge continuously, nevertheless they ensure that the rider can use the stair lift even when the mains fail.  


Finally, after you have zeroed onto the best stair lifts for the elderly California, you will have to get the installer to set the whole contraption following the rules and regulations of your area. Also, take your time in finding the best installer & look for recommendations and referrals.


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