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Real Truth behind the Fabrics and Other Materials Used For Fake Gucci Handbags

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Most people know that presenting a new Gucci handbag will give any woman a great deal of pleasure. Unfortunately, if they find out that what they have received is a counterfeit gucci handbag and then whatever the gift may have cost you, it will earn you a bad reputation.

Can You Afford a Designer Handbag

Brand name and designer label products were once considered a luxury that only the very wealthy could afford, but with the easy availability of credit and the availability of cheap imitation brand name goods, these iconic brand labels have now been available to the masses. Manufacturing and selling imitation products or “knock-offs” is highly illegal and is sometimes punishable by law, even if they are widely available and sold online. Some knock off gucci bags have the designer label imitated so neatly, that it is not immediately apparent to most people. Other counterfeit Gucci bags may copy the brand name design or logo exactly, but feature a slight difference in spelling the name.

Things to Look For In a Rip off Gucci Handbag

Knock off Gucci bags are sometimes very cheap because the makers of these counterfeit products cut corners in every aspect of the manufacturing process. They do not have to worry about patent laws or design a product, as they just rip off someone else’s sweat and labor. Even the materials used in making these bags are not of the best quality. No care is given to any of the finer details like perfect stitching, lining, cutting or sewing. The hardware used, like zippers and buttons are of very poor quality, though they look nice on initial evaluation.

Double Check for Your Satisfaction

When examining a fake gucci purse, checking the straps of the bag will give you a clue as to its authenticity. A replica bag will usually have thinner and longer straps, while the genuine bag will have thicker and shorter handles. Again, in a fake purse, the liner is usually stitched carelessly or loosely while genuine products will usually have tightly sewn lining material made from heavy-duty fabric. Similarly, counterfeit Gucci handbags have uneven and large stitches, indicating that the process was rushed, while the authentic items are usually hand-stitched with even, small, and tight stitches. Once you are aware of what to look for, it is usually a piece of cake. Real Gucci handbags are made from the best quality leather, heavy-duty fabrics, and good metal hardware to ensure that they will provide you with years of trouble-free service.


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