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Realities Behind Perth Web Design

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In Perth, web design is a prime need for companies looking to gain online clients and more sales. If you have a business and you want to launch a competitive site, it’s best to separate the myths from realities.

Myth #1: Unique works best

In Perth, web design clients often tell designers they want something unique. While there’s no harm in following this style, have you ever stopped to ask what unique really means for you? A web designer who hears it might think you want loud colours incorporated on your site, while you, on the other hand, might want calm neutral tones. Defining ‘unique’ before suggesting this concept to any Perth web design specialist will work better, as it gives that person something clear to work with. 

A good balance of text and graphics can make your site look professional and user-friendly. It would also help to check your competitors’ website to get an idea on how to communicate with your target audience. Rival websites can provide a glimpse into what works and what does not. Studying latest trends on web design and rankings may also help. Remember, design may be good but you will also need search engine rankings to gain enough attention.

Myth# 2: Launches mean instant users

Launching a website will not guarantee your customers will find you and buy from you. Hiring a creative company providing website design in Perth is only the first step. You must also pay attention on how to effectively promote it to your clients. To some companies, promotion might simply mean tapping a loyal customer’s shoulder and telling them, “Hey! The company has a website now so please check it out.” While to others this might mean investing on a full scale media campaign covering print, TV, radio and the Web.

Another factor to consider is client demographics. It’s a must to know your clients well before even launching a site. Are you tapping into a young generation or are you working with older people? Young to mature adults today will have less or little qualms about transacting online. Elderly ones, on the other hand, might need all the encouragement and maybe even a little tutorial to navigate your site.

Myth # 3: More features mean more visitors

Many companies offering website design in Perth often caution against adding features if clients don’t know what these are beforehand. Some features such as pages where end users can doodle or post pictures are cute, but not all websites need them. If you run a lending business, for instance, your potential borrowers are not likely to post pictures since these people might think this is exposing their financial situation a little too much.

To get more ideas on possible design additions, read about trends for website design in Perth. If you’re actively looking for companies already, make sure to schedule a meeting with their representatives. A scheduled interview will work to your advantage as they can show you their portfolio and give you more ideas. Once you’ve found a firm to work with, read contracts presented before signing so you know exactly what you will be getting.

Erin Purdy works freelance for Perth web design companies creating website design Perth.


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