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Reasons to Make Use of Proximity Marketing

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If you are wondering what Proximity promotion is, well then it is the localized wireless distribution of advertising content associated with a specific locality. Through the technological advancement the transmissions can be received by individuals in that location desirous of receiving them and have the necessary equipment to receive them.

Proximity marketing is a new age tool used to promote business establishments through the means of advertisements and marketing by sending content to consumers’ mobile phones. The technology is used via Bluetooth and almost all phones have a Bluetooth enabled today. Since Bluetooth is a wireless transmission frequency used to send content at short distances the specialty of this method is that no mobile provider is needed to push content to mobile phones.

Better known as shopping center marketing it works for Retailers, Shopping Malls, and venues with high traffic place where Bluetooth wireless transmitters in certain areas where they would like to push content. These devices are connected to a Bluetooth server either via cables or through Wi-Fi. Business owners can create an advertisement such as a text message or a video or digital coupon to be sent to Bluetooth transmitters of the customers in the locality. When a shopper with the Bluetooth feature turned on visits the shopping mall or comes in range of the transmitter, a request is sent to them to receive ad content. In case they accept the advertisement they receive a coupon which they can take it to the retailer and redeem it right there!

Proximity Based Marketing works on the bar coding system the retailer uses which scans the bar code and provide the consumer with the savings right there. This is the next big thing as mobile marketing is dynamic with clear indications displaying popularity and implementation of Proximity Marketing. For retailers placing relevant ads into the hands of shoppers who are right outside their establishment is easy as a shopping mall manager can implement proximity marketing services to attract retailers and also increase foot traffic.

iBeacon proximity marketing is a brand name created by Apple Inc., which is a technology innovation of Apple that has been implemented in the location framework in iOS 7 and newer operating systems. iBeacon uses BLE technology to sense proximity and transmit a UUID, which triggers an action in a compatible app or well-suited operating system.

iBeacon proximity advertising is not expensive and ideal for most business types. For more information on how to set up proximity marketing, go to, a leading proximity advertising platform to attract more visitors to the malls.


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