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Recommended Car Maintenance Services for Optimum Performance

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Your car, just like any other machinery, needs regular maintenance to keep it in good running condition. If you ignore your car and disregard regular car maintenance, your car might suffer from even serious damage which is more costly to repair. And it could also cause serious accidents on the road or unexpected breakdown in remote places. Regular car maintenance is not very hard task to do and it yields many benefits.

As car owners, there are several important car maintenance services that you should know.

1. Engine Maintenance

Poor maintenance is what usually causes engines to fail. And engine repair is quite expensive. Proper engine maintenance involves different aspects:

• Regular oil changes – Ideally, oil change must be done every 3,000 miles. Changing the oil on schedule will prevent piston rings from getting stuck and help extend the life of the engine.

• Tune-Up – Tune up is a recommended regular maintenance every two years or every 30,000 miles. During tune-up, the vehicle will be inspected for any parts that need to be replaced like the spark plugs, distribution cap, ignition rotor belts, filters and the likes. Replacing damaged parts can help prevent breakdown, difficulty in starting the engine and stalling. But most importantly, it will keep the engine functioning properly.

• Maintain coolant fluid Level – Maintaining the fluid level in your cooling system is very important to keep the engine from overheating. This should be refilled on a regular basis.

2. Battery Maintenance

These days, most cars use maintenance-free batteries. However, you still need to carefully read the label for instructions in your vehicle as some may require you to add water from time to time. This is usually common with maintenance-accessible or low water loss batteries which require you to add water whenever the electrolyte level is very low or when in high heat condition. Don’t ever use tap water because it has contaminants that may damage the battery. Also, make sure that all the terminal connections in the battery are clean because any corrosion will affect the conduction of electricity. These simple procedures can greatly enhance the life of your battery.

3. Brake Maintenance

A defective brake system often leads to an accident. This is why it is very important to regularly check your brakes if they are functioning as should be. Warm weather conditions as well as improper application of brakes can wear them prematurely. Furthermore, the brake fluid is also an important component of brakes. Make sure there is no leakage as it may cause your brakes to fail.

4. Fuel System Maintenance

The fuel system delivers fuel to the combustion chamber of the engine. Maintenance of this system is very critical to achieving a longer engine life and trouble-free operation.

5. Tire Maintenance

Tire maintenance will help you get the optimum benefits of your tires, which are safety on the road, maximum mileage, and longer life. Proper tire maintenance entails regular checkup of tire pressure at least once a month and ensuring that it has the proper tread depth. It will also be best to have your tires rotated as specified in your vehicle’s manual.

The frequency and cost of each car maintenance service may vary depending on many factors. But for major car maintenance, it is best to leave the job to your trusted auto repair center. They are an expert in all types of maintenance services and are fully equipped and skilled to do the job.


The article about Car Maintenance is written by Howard Gross Click Here to contact Howard and ask questions.


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