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Recreational Hunting: What It Is and How It Works

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Hunting is a popular outdoor recreational activity in the U.S. Because there is no definite season for hunting – as the law only permits hunting if there are enough animals to hunt – recreational hunters find it exciting and adventurous. Some even drop other scheduled recreational activities once the state or county wildlife conservation law allows an open season for hunting.

Hunters are allowed to hunt animals specified by the wildlife conservation law during an open hunting season. The animals for hunting are called a “game,” which usually are mammals and migratory birds. Hunting is different from poaching as it involves killing animals the law prohibits slaying. The government disallows killing of certain animal species to protect their kind, most of which are on their way to becoming endangered.

During a closed hunting season, hunting is not allowed in forests or protected parks. Hunting of any kind will be considered poaching and violators will be given a penalty. However, in some jurisdictions closed hunting season refers to the hunting of a limited species of animals, which generally aims at preventing mass hunting during peak reproductive season for certain species.

The rapid reproduction of specific species may lead to influx, which may damage crops and properties. This is where hunting is performed as a solution and not as a recreational activity. The wildlife conservation law allows hunting to get rid of vermin. The process is totally different from recreational hunting, which involves distinct techniques that make the entire activity fun.

Hunting involves the use of specific hunting weapons which are different from weapons used for warfare. Depending on the game category and location of the hunt, certain regulations limit the use of maximum caliber or muzzle energy for firearms. Most states ban rifles for guided elk hunts, particularly in locations where population density is thick and there is limited topographic relief.

Hunting weapons include rifle, shotgun, handgun, and bang stick. The most widely used hunting weapon is rifle because it provides the greatest accuracy and range. This is often used for long range hunts, such as guided deer hunts.

For more information about hunting, including the different types of hunt like guided whitetail hunts, visit This website provides information about hunting, for instance how hunting licenses work and what type of hunting weapon is allowed in your area. Or go to for practical guides to buying recreational deer hunting properties to be able to learn tips on what to look for and what to avoid when buying real estate for whitetail deer hunting.



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