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Redecorating bedroom for teenagers

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Teenage life is an age ascribed with a whole lot of changes going inside a child’s mind. These changes are well reflected in his behaviour and attitude towards almost every thing. So while you are planning to remodel the decoration of your kids’ room in his growing years, be aware of his adjusting needs likes and dislikes.

As you redo the interiors, let your child to speak for himself/herself. Let us go step by step towards redesigning the room.

The color design should go beyond the regular white and pink for girls and blue for boys. They need to have freedom of choice from the customary options. The colour your kid prefers would depend upon his personality all together. Some children get mature early enough and might choose some basic shades or else a number of people might want to test with a lot of colors.

The bed should be changed rather enhanced in size. The color of bed, linens and cushions must match up with the partitions. The drapes of the room should be altered from the typical colorful printed ones to good basic things.

The cabinet that was previously useful for toys and games should be converted to shelves for keeping books. The computer table or laptop desk should be rebuilt in order to have place for other devices along with. The desk tops that were colorful or full of images should now be set in basic teak or single shaded plywood.

Bringing about changes in the lighting would give a new feel to the space and it should be such that lets your kid carry out the multitude actions of the day and have a soothing sleep at night. The light should be adequate even if the child wants to study or paint inside the room.

Whatever changes you make in the room would be your personal choice. But, I would like to recommend you to stick to a rule that the room for your growing child should have an ambience that is vibrant, active and calm at the same time to keep your child in an upbeat mood and also help in keep his cool which teens tend to lose easily. You can even consider following Vastu Shastra to select the right colors and other stuff for the room.

The bedroom should have vacant space to let the child feel free to do anything he wants to. Every thing in the room should be latest in fashion so that your child feels great about his possessions.

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