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Redstar Vibrating Screen Wear Parts Maintenance

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Circular vibrating screen can be used for a variety of screening operations, screen surface materials continue to flip and loose. It have the following characteristics: fine grade material have the opportunity to move to the lower material layer and discharged through the sieve; Material blocked by mesh will pop up through vibration to prevent mesh clogging; High screening efficiency; The inclination can change, any change of material velocity along the screen surface, thereby increasing the handling capacity; Hard screening materials can make anti-spindle turn, so that the vibration direction is opposite with the movement of materials to improve the quality of screening.

The loss of vibrating screen mainly reflects in the wear or fracture of the vibrating plate and the fracture of the tub bolt. Once this situation appears, the components must be changed timely. If the current value is high in the normal operation, the air gap must be adjusted to the standard value in time. What’s more, the functional components are the foundation of the whole vibrating screen. Only when those functional components develop towards the direction of high speed, high accuracy, high power and high intelligence, can the level of vibrating screen get a essential development.

Linear vibrating sieve utilizes motor motion as vibration source, making the material be thrown around the screen mesh , at the same time, make linear movement forward, material from feeder evenly into the feed of the screen mouth, through many layer, sieve net produces several types of sieve things, from respective export eduction. With low energy consumption and high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully closed structure, no dust excessive scattered, automatic discharging, more suitable for assembly line homework. Linear sieve is stable and reliable, long life, vibration mode stability, consumption, low noise, screening high efficiency.The working principle of GLS probability screen is similar with other linear vibrating screen: after the screen machine starts, the symmetrical two vibration exciter of the same identical specifications and types or the synchronous motor do counter motion; the generating exciting force will deliver to the vibrating screen box through a vibration transmission body, which will make the screen box drive the screen do cyclical exercise, so that the materials on the screen do saltatory exercises along with the screen box, and during that time materials with a size smaller than the screen aperture will be through the screen and materials with a larger size will be discharged fom the mouth, and then finish the final completion of screening. symons cone crusher:
secondary cone crusher:

The vibrating screen is mining machinery equipment with a double-degree-freedom directional forced vibration property, which is widely used in the cement industry. It has lots of advantages, such as simple structure, stable work, high efficiency and low consumption. However, in the practical application, the phenomenon of unreasonable maintenance and unstable work is universal. And after a period of using, the transmission capacity for material decreases obviously. At this situation, if the maintenance is unreasonable, the normal operation of the machine will be affected seriously. Hongxing has recently completed a vibrating screen for a gold ore screening plant for one of the larger mines in South Africa.

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