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Regularity of distribution about scarce tungsten

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China’s tungsten deposits mainly have the following metallogenic characteristics and regularities:

1) Spatiotemporally these deposits are distributed both extensively and relatively concentratedly: In time, they are mainly of the Yanshanian metallogenic epoch (83% of the deposits belong to this epoch). In space, these deposits, especially the large and superlarge ones, are mostly concentrated in the Nanling metallogenic region (the tungsten reserves of the deposits there make up over 70% of the country’s total). In addition, the deposits in southern Jiangxi, southern Hunan and northern Guangdong are even more concentrated in distribution and usually occur in swarms or clusters. An understanding of such a regularity of distribution (in swarms or zones) is of great significance to the search for, prospecting and development of tungsten deposits.

2) Horizontal zonation of deposits: The endogenetic tungsten deposits in the Nanling region exhibit a distinctly zonal distribution. Such a zonation is manifested in varying degrees in some metallogenic belts, ore fields, or even ore deposits. An example is the southern Jiangxi tungsten metallogenic belt of the Nanling region. Wang Chengfa (1984) considered that the vein-like tungsten deposits in southern Jiangxi are characterized by a regional horizontal zoning (which is semicircular in shape and centers about the Dayuling Mountain), and can be geochemically divided into three zones: the W-Sn zone (I), the W zone (II ) and the W-polymetallic zone (III).Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, for example,vibratory feeder,mobile crushers Welcome all of you to visit our official website.symons cone crusher:

3) Verical zonation of deposits: The shapes of orebodies of the quartz-vein tungsten deposits show a ’5-storey’ pattern of vertical variation. The conception of this vertical variation pattern was derived from the study and prospecting of the Meiziwo vein tungsten deposit in northern Guangdong by No. 932 Brigade of the Guangdong Bureau of Metallurgy and Geology. The so-called ’5-storey’ pattern embraces: ¢Ù a quartz-mica line (also called ‘the linear vein zone’); ¢Ú a sparse veinlet zone; ¢Û a dense veinlet zone; ¢Ü a parallel thin vein cluster; and ¢Ý a large independent vein. It is, in other words, a basic zone-cluster-vein model. The veins of the tungsten deposits in southern Jiangxi and southern Hunan also exhibit a similar vertical zoning. This ’5-storey’ model is significant for guiding the exploration, prospecting and mining of ore deposits. It should be pointed out that due to the influence of denudation and other geological factors on ore veins, not all the vein tungsten deposits can show the ’5-storey’ vertical variation, that means, some may only have a 3- or 4-storey pattern.


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