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Relax In the Soothing Experience of Arctic Spas

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Who does not want to relax in the comfort of a hot tub spa on a chilly winter afternoon? Spa sessions in your nearby gym or salon costs a lot and if you are a frequent visitor to the place, then the bill increases even more. Add to it the scenario where the whole family wants to visit the spa once a week, and you will see a hole burn in your pocket. In the countries like US, Canada, Northern Europe and Russia, the trend of people relaxing in hot tubs in winters is very popular. People spend their evenings or weekly off from work rejuvenating themselves in water. So spas at home are not uncommon in these countries. Many parties are held and organized around this theme, friends and families are called over and the group has fun.

Good hot tubs like those made by Arctic Spas include air therapy, water therapy system and aromatherapy. As technology advances, hot tubs are now coming equipped with functions that you can control with remote. Using a remote control, you can change rate of filtration, lighting systems and operate different kinds of jets. A Bluetooth enabled device attached to the spa’s stereo system will let you upload your favourite songs and tracks. The spa experience was never this much fun. While using hot tubs, do not allow the water to exceed 40 degree Celsius. If children are using it, keep the temperature at 30 degrees.

When you are entertaining so many guests in your spa, you need hot tub chemicals to keep the spa or tub clean and free from bacteria. Traditionally, bromine and chlorine were used to fight the germs in spas but these chemicals left odour in the water and irritated the sensitive skin. However, these days advance chemicals are used that employ concentrated colloidal silver. This keeps the water clean and clear is non toxic and makes the skin smooth. One should note that this chemical should be added in water and not put in the tub unless it has water in it. You should change the water often in the tub. When you drain out the water, make sure you clean the base of the tub, scrub the sides and clean the filters. If the area where you put up gets hard water (which has a rather high Calcium content), then use Hot Tub Scale Remover to clean the tub.

Arctic Spas is an elite group of hot tub chemicals and hot tub manufacturer that build luxury to economic spas for families and official clients. Our spas have Spasearch Certified status, a coveted award that takes into account audits related to operations, service, sales and homeowner satisfaction. You can customize your spa with us. For more information visit


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