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Remarkable Stair Lifts California

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Stair lifts California are renowned for their quality, ease of use and price. I prefer the American Elevators when it comes to stair lifts. I have been loyal to them and they have been attentive to all my issues over a period which spans at least 10 years.  


·        Glitches in stair lifts occur with time. It is not uncommon for stair lifts to have a few simple problems once every 6 months or so. Thanks to the helpful technicians of American Elevators, I have learned how to do simple maintenance and repair without calling the repair team. 


·        Common issues with stair lifts for the elderly California occur in the final or upper limit actuator tab. With the stair lifts operating on a regular basis, the tab gets hiked up to the extreme end of the rail. The unit is bumped loose by the chair unit over time and can be easily tapped back into place using the cylindrical hand-crank tool provided by the manufacturer.  Sometimes, you will observe, the seat gets positioned all the way up to the top. This causes the actuator to move higher up every time the seat makes its journey. Access the side maintenance panel on the unit and using the crank tool reposition it a notch lower so that it does not make contact with the actuator. 


·        All of this happens because of a loose top level cam switch, which is responsible for limiting the seats ascend within a certain limit. This switch is supposed to stop the seat from touching the final limit actuator. When the switch fails in its purpose, the actuator is displaced, thus stopping the stair lifts California from operating the way it is supposed to.


·        Another common and easily rectifiable issue with stair lifts is the clogging of the tracks with dust or debris that collects over prolonged period of use and no maintenance. There is nothing much to this. A simple vacuum cleaner is good enough for the job. Move the seat to the extremes (at the top or the bottom) and use the vacuum cleaner to suck all the dust and debris from the nooks and corners. 


Cleaning kits are available for removing grime from the rails. These are available for cheap at local stores or sellers of stairlift California. American Elevators is my choice on this matter. They are much more than just stair lifts sellers. They are a full-fledged home and commercial mobility solutions provider and the best the people of California can expect.


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