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Rice Cooker and Microwave Ovens – Simplify Your Cooking Chores

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Kitchen appliances have been designed in order to make the food preparation and cooking task fast and efficient. From microwave ovens to rice cooker to bar fridge, any home cook is sure to have a bevy of different kitchen appliances in their kitchen. You will find lot of options in these appliances, but it is very essential to buy the right kitchen equipment to suit your varied cooking needs. By finding the right combination for your kitchen you can equip your kitchen with the best choices. After all, buying these equipment can be a daunting task and needs time.

Market offers several modern kitchen equipment and lots of colours & brands to choose from. So where to start from? The best way to go about it is to pick equipment of reputed brand and look for other useful appliances that carry the same brand name. Useful appliances ease the cooking process and consume less time as well! Let us discuss about some useful household appliances:

1. Rice cookers – They offer the great way to add healthy cooking to your diet. Instead of boiling long grains in salty water, you can rather opt for lightly steamed grains cooked with perfection. Rice cooker cooks light fluffy rice every time without any mess. It keeps the rice warm, until you are ready to serve it. Not only rice, but vegetables can also be cooked in these handy dandy cookers.

2. Microwave ovens – If you find cooking a tedious job and are running out of time for cooking, then microwave oven is the ideal appliance. They trim down the cooking time from hours to minutes! From simple daal to parantha, rice to pizzas you can cook everything in these ovens.

The best thing about this appliance is that there is no need to use much oil and your food does not evaporate into the air when it is being cooked, so you get healthy food. They preserve the nutritional qualities of food making it healthier.

3. Bar fridges – It is mostly found in bars, hotel and motel rooms; however it can also come quite handy in your home. Bar fridge allows you to generate cold drinks in whichever location they are installed. You can buy one that can be plumbed to the house water supply and you can generate crushed or cubed ice for serving cool drinks to your family or guests.

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  • Posted On February 21, 2012
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