For action movie enthusiasts, getting a sight of a heavy-duty vehicle in a scene denotes that they can look forward to impressive stunts, like in the case of “The Fast and the Furious” flicks. Yet still, trucks are necessary in completing industrial undertakings. Without excellent heavy-duty trailers and trucks, industries would find it challenging to maintain their supply chains and eventually need to discontinue transactions.

Trailer trucks have high-performance torques effective of producing higher horsepower for better speed functionality. Considering their massive parcel capacities, they are used to transferring weighty cargos, machinery, and equipment. They are extensively utilized in freight shipping, construction, and for various functions too.

When choosing the trailer truck that best suffice your business’s requirements, it is crucial to first have some understanding of the many types of trailer trucks. You should as well consider the dimension and weight of the loads to be moving to arrive at a well-rounded decision. Here are the standard types of trailer trucks you can select from:

Flatbed Trailer

This trailer truck can take payloads of almost 48,000 lbs with maximum dimensions of 48 feet in length, 8 1/2 feet in width, and 8 1/2 feet in height. If you should hold massive equipment to and from construction sites, then it’s better to use a flatbed trailer as it makes for easier loading and unloading. This trailer could also lug deliveries to and from freighting locations that don’t offer docks for loading or unloading.

Drop Deck Trailer

Similar to a flatbed trailer, a drop deck trailer can carry parcels measuring up to 48,000 lbs, with max dimensions of 37 feet in length and 8 1/2 feet in width. If you have a big load that’s greater than 8 1/2 feet high, it’s best to choose a drop deck trailer as it can fit payloads of up to 10 feet tall. If you have parcels that go above 10 feet, a drop deck trailer can still be used, yet you may need to be secure special permits to prevent encountering troubles.

Dry Van Trailer

When you must transport perishable items like food, a dry van trailer would be the most ideal trailer type since it is encased and very reliable in protecting your items from the extreme effects of climate during transport. This trailer can hold payloads of around 45 lbs with maximum dimensions of 52 1/2 feet in length, 8 1/2 feet thickness, and 9 feet in height. For further information on trailers and trucks, check out


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