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Rock and roll with hot Salsa rhythms and steps

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Salsa music and dance is today rocking the whole world. Being born in the lands of Cuba, it has captivated and enthralled millions of hearts round the world.  Bolero, chachacha, mambo, son montuno are some of the popular Cuban forms that has salsa forms mixed up in it. Many of the non-Cuban genres are also part of Salsa like domonican merengue, plena and bomba. The modern American dance and music have a great influence of Salsa. It has crossed the borders of USA and has entered the other far and wide lands. The cultural heritage of Cuba has influenced many dancers around the world.

Several types of instruments are used by the Salsa musicians. These include bongos, piano, maracas, double bass/bass guitar, flute, saxophone, vibraphone, violin and others. It is the most rocking music form in the world with beautiful dance steps.

The form is most popular among the Latin Americans. In the modern age it has also been expressed in English else than Spanish. The Puerto Rican migrants were the first to spread the Salsa among the people of New York. This soul music is great for your and others’ entertainment. 

The is for those people who want to rock and roll with the hot and spicy dance and music form in the world. When you become a part of this exciting community, you will avail→

•Training through Salsa dance and music classes

•Sharing your notions and love for Salsa with the Salseros Worldwide

•Getting in touch with the best Salsa Clubs, Schools, Teachers and Music community

                So explore the Salsa steps through a fun filled interaction with all the Salsa lovers in the world. The community has created a good relation with the people who are its members. It is a buzz among the people of America along within other countries. The community of SiaZOOM is working to spread the idea of Salsa. Everyday huge number of people from the seven continents is becoming  member.

                The beauty of Salsa dance is not only marked by the graceful Salsa steps but also by its benefits. The positive aspects of the dance forms are→

•Improves the toning of muscles and sets great coordination

•Enhances energy and strength

•Reduces stress and makes your life happier

                The art of dancing is good for health. It reduces diseases. You will get latest news on all the Salsa events that are taking place worldwide. You can visit the latest videos, pictures and blogs that are available at our community.

                SalZOOM will also offer you with an opportunity to attain the world famous Salsa Congress, which are held in different countries. In these all the professional Salsa musicians and dancers take part. There are performances held in this and discussions are done to make the Salsa more popular among its fan. This wonderful mixture of shows, bands and fun are held for five to six days. After learning the spectacular forms of Salsa, you can be a part of the World class Salsa dance competitions. Take the chance to be the best Salsa dancer and enjoy your life with it.


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