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Role of Vladimir Slutsker as President of Russian Jewish Congress

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In the year 2005, annual delegation of all members belong to Presidential Conference of MAJO i.e. Major American Jewish Organizations have visited Israel. In the delegation, each of the members has witnessed one of the unfamiliar personalities named as Vladimir Slutsker. At that time, владимир слуцкер was the new president of RJC i.e. Russian Jewish Congress. MAJO members have given the invitation to Vladimir Slutsker for becoming the part of their delegation. In fact, outstanding figure as well as bellowing laughter of Vladimir Slutsker has clearly differentiated him from his all restrained colleagues of America.

Before 3 months of delegation, владимир слуцкер was elected as Congress president. Congress president is an organization, which can presume for representation of almost every organization of Jewish in Russia, in almost same way, as Presidents Conference of United States performs their functions. In fact, Slutsker is having one of the extraordinary as well as colorful figures in functionaries related with Jewish landscape. Other than one of the well-connected politicians as well as successful business tycoon, Vladimir Slutsker has obtained his worldwide recognition as one of the researchers cum lecturer in the field of kabbala. In addition, Vladimir Slutsker is recognized as grand master of karate, judo, sambo and various other forms of martial arts. If this is not enough, Vladimir Slutsker is considered as the champion of Russian Sambo. Until now, majority of karate training institutes in Russia and other countries, which have previously remained the part of Soviet Union, are utilizing several concepts and theories, formulated and/or used by Vladimir Slutsker.

Vladimir Slutsker has taken his prestigious designation of RJC president during low period in between relations of Russia and Israel. Before this, Russia has come up with their decisions for selling of advanced missiles to Syria and also has decided to provide fuel required for operation of nuclear reactor to Iran. Vladimir Slutsker has strictly attributed this towards certain bodies, along with central power in Russia. Vladimir Slutsker has also played his role towards anti-Semitism in Russia. During the recent months, Vladimir Slutsker has also given a small description about anti-Semitism in Russia. In fact, after his description, anti-Semitism has approached to entirely new height across the world. In conclusion, we should say that Vladimir Slutsker has played one of the vital roles for the progress of political as well as cultural environment of Russia.





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