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Runescape Member Task Raiders: Fight Arena

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  Runescape member task raiders: Fight Arena, you need to challenge the 137level monster.

  Start Location: take task in the quest start in the north-west of fight arena and dialogue with lady Servil

  Mission requirements: 5GP, can beat the 137level strange, if not, you can use magic or bow by taking advantage of the terrain

  Task process:

  1. Go to the upper right corner (northeast) room in fight arena firstly, to get khazard helmet and armor khazard.

  2. Put on khazard helmet and armor khazard, to the fight arena south-east (khazard guard) dialogue with the guard, he said to drink wine made by the khali​​.

  3. In the Fight arena sprinkling bar buy a bottle of spilled (khali brew), and then back to khazard guard and give the wine to him, you would get the keys (khazard cell keys).

  4. To the east cell, the first cell has a girl (jeremy servil) and a man, use the key (khazard cell keys) you will be able to arena.

  5. Dialogue with the little girl (jeremy servil), to defeat the 63 monsters, you will be caught up.

  6. Dialogue with your cellmate (hengrad), use the key (khazard cell keys) to open your cell door, you went to the arena again.

  7. First beat the 44 scorpion, then there will appear a 137 monster when you dialogue with justin servil, if you feel you cannot defeat the 137 strange, then, in the arena, there are many skeletons corpse, you can use the terrain to use magic or bow to kill him.

  8. After you beat 137 strange, 112 npc would hit you, do not need him and run, and went to look for lady servil to complete the task. Award of 12 175 ATTACK xp 2 175 THIEVING xp, 2 quest points and 1000 coins.


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