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Runescape Member Task Raiders: Priest in Peril

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Runescape Member tasks raiders: Priest in Peril, the task is relatively simple, the reward is quite good.

Difficulty: Simple

Length: Medium

Bonus: 1 task points, 1406 prayers value, You can enter Morytania, a Wolfbane Dagger (werewolf will not turn into a 88th wolf)

Start: King Roald of Varrock

The necessary skills: the ability to kill 30 grade strange

The premise of the task: Rune Mysteries

Required Items: 50 Rune Essences (not stacked), Bucket


1. dialogue with the King Roal of Varrock. He will make you go to find Drezel.

2. Drezel in the church which located in the northeast of Varrock. Knock on the door of the church (right to choose the knock on). A monk will let you to kill a dog.

3. The dog is in a little hole in the ground to the north of the church door. Down, kill the Temple Guardian (level 30)

4. After the kill, go back and knock on the door again, the monk will tell you to go to King Roald

5. Back to King Roald, and King Roald will be very angry, saying that you ahould not kill the temple guardian, and then you asked him anything what you could do to compensate it.

6. Bring a bucket back to the church, this time you can directly up to the 3rd floor.

7. Dialogue with Drezel (shut in one cell) (point the door of cell), he will tell you a very long story. And then you down to the floor, killing 30 level Monk of Zamorak until drop out of a key.

8. Go to the hole in the north of the church with the key to, over a door, and then forward to the monuments and a well. And then right click the monuments to selected study, until found written iron key. Point the key and then point this monument, you can get a new key. Draw water from the middle of the wells with bucket.

9. Back to the 3rd floor of the church, open the cell door with a key, talk with Drezel, he can strengthen that bucket of water.

10. Splash the strengthen water to the top of the coffin in the middle of the room, and then dialogue with Drezel.

11. 50 rune essences needed at last, brought them through two trips. To return to the hole in the north of the church again, straight ahead, through two doors, and you will find Drezel, talk to him, and give him 50 rune essences. Then task is completed.


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