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Runescape member Task Raiders: Rum Deal

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Runescape member task Raiders: Rum Deal, need to complete the premise task.


– 2 tasks point.

– Holy Wrench.

– 7000 Prayer XP, 7000 Fishing XP, 7000 Farming XP.

Skills must: 40 Farming.50 Fishing, 47 Prayer (prayer value in tasks cannot be less than 47), 42 Crafting, 42 Slayer, ability to beat 150 strange.

The premise task: Zogre Flesh Eaters

The ready items of premise task: Slayer Gloves (200GP bought from the killer master), Rake, Seed Dibber, Bucket (get from the premise task)

Task steps:

1. Dialogue with the pirate in the port outside the north of Phasmatys.

2. Transferred to a house in an island, and talk to Captain, then he will give you a seed.

3. Down the stairs to find farm tools in a lower right cupboard (Rake, Seed Dibber, out there was a bucket)

4. Out of the south door, down the stairs, there is a field in the south-east and plant the seed (no need to irrigate and fertilize)

5.Harvested after Blindweed mature, go back and dialogue with Captain again, and then upstairs to drop Blindweed into the funnel.

6. Take the barrel down the stairs from the south,, West to north across the bridge on the island (one half of the face guy will stop you, ignore him), going up, bottled some water until there is a crater lake in the top of the hill, return and pour the water into the liquor device upstairs.

7.Downstairs and dialogue with Captain, he give you a fishbowl and NET, put them together, down the stairs to ing Sluglings in the south of Fish Point, to the third floor after fish5 sluglings and put them into a funnel and then opened the lever next to.

8. Back to the Captain, he will give you a wrench, along west you enter a room, and encounter Davey that he will bless your wrench (when the prayer points higher than 47, or he does not bless)

9. Upstairs to point that tamper and bounce box with the blessed wrench. Then out of a 150 strange, protect by 37prayer. Back to the dialogue with Captain after kiied it.

10. Down the stairs to kill a spider (must have Slayer Gloves) to get the carcass, upstairs to put the Carcass into the funnel.

11. Talk with Captain, the wine began, and then you get a barrel of wine in the interface.

12. Down the south stairs, found Donnie in the Zombie Swarm, give wine to him.

13. Back and dialogue with Captain, the task is completed.


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