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Runescape Non-member Task Raiders: Cook’s Assistant

  • Posted July 18, 2012
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Runescape non-member task Raiders: Cook’s Assistant, a very easy task.

Place: Lumbridge Castle

People: Cook

Difficulty level: Low

The task required goods: pot, Bucket “

1, go to Lumbridge Castle after you take the task, dialogue with the cook. He will ask you to give him some cake material, because he forgot bought them (nonsense), we received the task: click on the “I can help you.

2, to collect the cake material (three kinds)

These materials are the northerly direction near the castle.

The first: Pot of flout. Go and if you see a piece of golden field on the map, which is the yellow wheat a field, to which was originally green and that is what we want. Pick Wheat and a Grain, on the way north, just a few steps on to the windmills, up the stairs until to the last third floor Pot of flout, click the grain and then click the pillars above the Hopper, trough the grain into it, and then click the Hopper controller on the bottom of the lever, to the first floor you will see flour bin which filled with flour, click it to get the flour, the first step is OK. (If you know where the food shop in the port sarim is and you can go there directly buy)

The second: Bucket of milk if there is no Bucket, buy one on the way and then back across the bridge to the east, immediately go northward, you will see a cattle farm, go to the cow for milking!

The third: Egg

Bonus: a task points +300 culinary experience points + oven (available to reduce the charred opportunity)


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