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Safety Points Given When Operating Ball Mill

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The technology of material crushing has a history of at least hundreds of thousand years. In ancient times, people invented pestle, roller, rubber, mill and many other crushing tools which are still in use sometimes in modern life. It is not until 1858 Blake invented the pendulum jaw crusher that material crushing becomes an important industrial producing process.

Mechanical equipments used in breaking process mainly are gyratory crusher, cone crusher, jaw crusher . grinding equipment mainly are the ball mill, the rod mill, cement ball mill and energy saving ball mill. Generally speaking, material crushing in the universe is a common phenomenon, from the Big Bang, the mountains falling and the earth splitting, rock weathering, to atomic splitting, none of them are not material crushing process.

The ball mill is an indispensable part in the beneficiation equipment and plays an important role in the crush techniques. The main types of ball mill are: cone energy-saving ball mill, Overflow Ball Mill, grid ball mill, tube ball mill, intermittent ball mill/ Ceramic ball mill, roller bearing ball mill, etc. In this text, Henan Hongxing Mining machinery mainly introduces the operation, maintenance, and examination of the overflow ball mill, offering convenience to the ball mill customers for references.

1. Operating Instruction:

Ball Grinder Mill

(1). Check every section of the machine and the electric appliance to make sure the connecting bolt is tight before running. Make sure the lubricating point is smooth, the transmission device is reliable, the protective device is perfect, the electric appliance instrument is delicate, and the motor carbon is well contacted.

(2). Walk around the mill to make sure no barrier is around or in the moving parts of the equipment. When running, there shouldn’t be anyone around.

(3). Turn on the starter motor by press activate button and notice the change of the electric after all is checked normal. The continuous start of the ball mill can’t be over two times and the interval can’t be over 5 minutes. If you start the third time, you should first check it with electrician and locksmith. It can’t be start with other equipment and must start alternately to avoid tripping operation. rock crushing plant:
mineral sand washer:

(4). Strictly keep to the rule on water supply, ore feeding, and steel ball adding when in normal operation. The overloaded operation is forbidden. The idle running time cannot be over 15 minutes to avoid breaking up lining plate.

(5). Check the barrel to avoid leakage and make sure the electric current, the voltage , the feedstock and the feedwater are normal when in operation. Check the temperature of the electric motor and principal axis once per half an hour to keep it lower than 60 centigrade degree. Once a problem is found, try to solve it in time.

(6). Check the rotation situations of the hollow shaft and the oil ring and the temperature of the hollow shaft when in operation. Once the hollow shaft is hot, the forced cooling measure should be taken immediately when near the burning tile. You can’t stop the mill right away to avoid the clasping axle. Meanwhile check the oil mass, temperature on lubricant housings. Add the oil at regular time.

(7). Stop the ore feeding before stopping the ball mill. Stop the water supply after the concentrate ore in the mill is processed. Press the stop button and pull down the electric break.

(8). Pull down the disconnecting link and press the stop button to stop ore feeding and water supply when the power fails without giving notice.

(9). Clean the equipment and keep the environmental sanitation after stopping the car. Make sure the civilized production.

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