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said at the closing session of the Central Work Conference

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In this regard, Deng Xiaoping also stressed the “common prosperity”. He said, “common prosperity, we have a start from the reform, the future one day to become a central topic of socialism is not a small number of people rich, poor and most people did not like. Socialist superiority of common prosperity one thing, it embodies the essence of socialism, if the polarization, the situation is different, ethnic conflicts, regional conflicts, class conflicts will develop, corresponding to the central and local conflicts will develop, it could go wrong. “(” Deng Xiaoping Anthology Volume 3, People’s Publishing House, 1993, 364), he said in the 1992 Southern talk, “the essence of socialism is to emancipate and develop productive forces, eliminating exploitation, eliminate polarization, and ultimately achieve common prosperity. “(ibid., 373) I do not know what reason, Bai and Chen quarter of the ice in their comments, actually no mention of” common prosperity “This reflects the nature of socialism.

Perhaps white Chen said that Deng Xiaoping not have said “Let some people get rich first”? However, we see that whenever Deng Xiaoping referred to “let some people get rich first” as almost to have also mentioned the relationship between it and achieve common prosperity “. He said, “I have consistently advocated that let some people and some regions get rich first, the general principle of common prosperity. Some areas and the rapid development, driven in most areas, this is to accelerate the development, achieve common prosperity  cheap nike heels nz  shortcut.” “common prosperity of the concept is so proposed: conditional part of the region first developed in some areas and slow the development of the first development in the region to developed areas, and ultimately achieve common prosperity. If you are the rich getting richer poor increasingly poorer, polarization occurs, and the socialist system and should be able to avoid the polarization of one of the solution is first developed regions more than the intersection of profits and taxes to support the development of poverty-stricken areas. … can be assumed that well-off in the end of this century, it is necessary to highlight proposed to solve this problem. “(” Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping, “Volume 3, People’s Publishing House, 1993 edition, page 373-374)

It should be said that Deng Xiaoping said, “Let some people get rich first” and now the people in general, including one person said, “Let some people get rich first” has a completely different connotation. We know that Deng Xiaoping in the early stages of the reform and opening up. December 13, 1978, he said at the closing session of the Central Work Conference “in economic policy, to allow part of the region, part of the enterprise, part of the workers and peasants, hard work results and income more living better part of human life before, it will inevitably produce a great demonstration of force affect the neighbors, led the other regions, other units to learn from them. This will benefit the national economy as a whole continued to wave ground forward, so that people of all nationalities can be developed relatively quickly. “(” Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping “, Volume 2, People’s Publishing House, 1993, 152) Later, he added,” the rural areas, cities should allow some people get rich first, and wealth through hard work is justified.   Nike Heels NZ some people get rich, we are in favor of new approaches, new methods and better than the old way. “(” Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping, Volume 3, People’s Publishing House, 1993, 23 page) in these discussions, we can clearly see, Deng Xiaoping said, “Let some people get rich first” and “hard work”, “contribution”, “industrious” Contact with, it can be said and implement the distribution according to work linked to, is an encouragement to contribute to the laborer. It should be said, made a special contribution to the science and technology workers to give bonuses to some incentive to make their lives better, and is also fully in line with this spirit. Longping in hybrid rice breeding has made a great contribution to world significance


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