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Samsung smt-i5264: A VoIP Phone System

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Have you used Samsung smt-i5264? The smt-i5264 is a VoIP phone system which uses the voice over IP (VoIP) technology to initiate call. With the help of this technology, one can easily make a call over an IP network such as Internet. This kind of phones does not work with the ordinary PSTN system. By using this phone, you can easily traverse the Internet or a private IP network to make a call. While using the Samsung phone, you can use control protocols like Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), the skinny Client Control Protocol (SCCP) or various other proprietary protocols like that used by Skype. You would be pleased to know that this Samsung phone is the latest in the series of IP terminals that have already replaced the ITP 5100 range.

The Samsung smt-i5264 phone is a simple VoIP phone that uses software-based soft phones. The device appears very similar to an ordinary telephone or a cordless phone. You can also make use of the ordinary PSTN phones as VoIP devices having analog telephone adapters. To communicate between two physically separate VoIP phones, you require signal and power wired cable interfaces. These interfaces are essential to communicate between computer networks. Generally, USB and Power over Ethernet can be easily used to create the interfaces. In case, you have used the Samsung phone, you would certainly agree that this VoIP phone has multiple applications which an analog phone does not support.

With the aid of Samsung smt-i5264, you can use email like Identification for contacts. These are much easier to remember than names or phone numbers. In addition, they are also easy to share. The hardware component of this VoIP phone includes a speaker, earphone and microphone. It also has a keypad or touch pad to enter the phone number or text as per your needs. The display hardware is also present to feed the user input as well as displays the caller id or the messages you have received. The phone also has a general purpose processor or GPP that processes application messages. Likewise, you can also make use of the voice engine or DSP (Digital signal Processor) to process the real time transport Protocol messages. There are only a few IC manufacturers which provide the DSP and GPP in one chip.

The Samsung smt-i5264 is a wonderful VoIP phone system with a classical operator which allows you to keep a check on whether the recipient is available to take the call. Generally, this phone is little high priced but a few service providers are also offering it at hefty discount of 25%. This means you can make the buy of this wonderful product at never before rates. To find the right dealers to buy this amazing VoIP phone, you can search the web. A quick glance on the web would certainly help you in making the best buy for your needs. Spend some time to make the finest investment. It is worth the time spent.

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