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Samsung xchange : The Smart Connection

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The company website advertises the Samsung xchange as being an application with a difference. While basic users need not go into details about the technology behind this application, they do need to know that this is a CTI. CTI or Computer Telephone Integration technology allows interactions on a telephone and a computer to be coordinated. This integration increases desktop based interactions and automatic call routing while allowing functions that are server based. Blending the features of command line interface and customer relationship management, this application has been designed to improve the productivity of office-based users.

When the telephone receives a call, the caller’s number is displayed in a display window. The number is routed through the relationship database and if the caller’s identity is found the name is also displayed along with the number. With prior knowledge of who is on the line, the user can handle the call accordingly. Employees in front office roles, sales teams and consumer help desks will find this feature very useful. The user can also use the notification window to answer the call or find the caller’s prior record. It is also possible to find a name in the database and speed dial the number. Finding known callers and adding new callers in the database is easy with this application.

But the Samsung xchange offers a lot more than just caller identification. The user can take the call while sitting comfortably in front of his personal computer. The internal control allows the user to manage calls that are not in the relationship database. The application also maintains a detailed call history. All the numbers the user has dialed, all the people who have called on the phone and all the calls that have been missed are stored and recorded. Users of this application can say goodbye to the fear of missed calls. Marketing managers need not worry about losing a client because they were away from their seat.

The Samsung xchange allows other users to see the present status of colleagues. The application will tell them if the user is in the office, out of the office or in a meeting. The boss can keep a track of where his subordinates are and what they are doing. It is also possible for users to dial numbers from anywhere. Whether it is from a web page or another database system, every point is an access point for this application.

Normal functions like call transfer and holding, call deflections and setting messages can also be done with a minimum of fuss. But the most wonderful quality of the Samsung xchange is the ease with which new users can learn to use this application. It is possible to bid goodbye to common telephone mistakes. Users will be able to communicate better and maintain a better professional relationship with their clients and colleagues. A smart phone allows a business to connect better.

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