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Scientific Research Proves Meditation Can Relax Body and Relief Stress

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Human beings are self-sufficient and have their own unique abilities to provide solution to any problem or situation. Meditation just helps in this regard and makes way for people to expel their tensions and worries so as to relax their mind. They can then think more constructively so as to solve problems in their life and also suggest solutions to others.

Meditation induces a relaxed way of thinking and so people can become solution providers rather than problem creators. Scientific research conducted on practitioners also reveals that meditation results in decreased activity in the area of the brain that is responsible for neurological, anxiety and stress related disorders. It is found that pain ratings in patients get diminished and heart-beat too normalizes. Overall meditation relaxes the mind and all body organs so as to help people regain strength and endurance.

Starting to meditate makes one feel stress-free. Small things that used to infuriate a person will no longer have an effect on him. Practicing meditation lowers heart beat and blood pressure and a person starts to learn how to relax the body and control the mind. It leads to a more successful and cheerful life. There will remain no distractions and a person can focus on his work and complete things as intended. This unfailingly brings success in life.

There are several good techniques of meditation. All meditation starts with breathing exercises. This is sometimes followed by visualization techniques when a disciple is made to visualize certain divine symbols like chakras, swastika or similar symbols. This is mindfulness meditation meant to concentrate the mind in good thoughts and actions. There is also an un-mindful meditation when the disciple just has to relax without visualizing anything. Whatever be the method, the ultimate aim is to relax the mind, body, and soul of the person.

Relaxation of the mind does bring in rewards as abnormal body ratings start to normalize. The person then gains the wisdom to think righteously and take decisions accordingly. It is possible to think logically and make right decisions. People who practice meditation are not confronted with stress related disorders, intrusive thoughts and emotional misbalance. They become calm and composed and can deal with any situation with patience and perseverance.

It is scientifically proved that meditation helps to clam down people. Test results confirmed that it relaxes body organs and normalizes blood pressure and heart beat. Meditation helps people to live normal life by overcoming stress.

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  • Posted On May 29, 2012
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