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Secrets On How Gemstones Are Set Into Jewelry

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Jewelry design and production is a craft that is thousands of years old, a fact that many archeological finds have revealed. What is so interesting about this field, or form of art work, is that it can be done on any level. There are experienced, independent jewelry producers who make some amazing pieces. You then have companies that produce the same design en masse. In either situation, everything begins with the blueprint and the talent of the designer. The creativity of the designers in this field is incredible considering how many different variations are produced every year.

Gemstones that are made typically go through a process from start to finish to create the final product. This process begins with initial grinding and a bit of sawing. After this is done, there is a lapping process along with a bit of grilling. Most of the gemstones need to be worked in a variety of ways in order to get perfection which only a master gemstone cutter can do. Stone cutting also involves getting it to the right size and shaping it so it will fit in the setting provided. The various methods and principles used throughout history are still alive and well today. For example, jewelry created in a particular time depended in full on the type of technology available. Since they couldnt cut stones, some cultures didnt use gems or precious stones in the design of their jewelry. Once gem cutting began to spread, there was more jewelry that included cut gems. The predominant precious metal also dictated the design of the jewelry. Thus, in some areas silver was the predominant metal in jewelry while in others it was gold.

Make sure your jewelry matches your wonderful personality. Trends in jewelry go in and out of fashion all too fast. Change is a part of jewelry and all things fashion-related, but that is also part of the fun. Keep a few classical pieces that will never go entirely out of style. Keep in mind that variety is a truly excellent thing to have in your collection of jewelry. This means that youll never be out of jewelry that is suitable for any occasion.

The skill level of a gem cutter is usually based upon how much schooling they have had to learn this skill. However, after that phase of education, the graduate is looking at finding an apprenticeship where there is hands on learning. Since there is plenty of room for error, and that is part of the challenge. The jewelry that you see that sparkles and shines so brilliantly is the end result of a master stonecutter. Those that do this type of work are not recognized for the work that they do. The master craftsmanship that you see in jewelry stores is never recognized nor are the artisans that created this fantastic jewelry usually given credit.

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