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Secure Online Transactions by Using VeriSign Secure Site Certificate

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VeriSign Secure Site Pro (SGC) with EV SSL certificate is the best way to instill trust and confidence in your visitors. This certificate is changed in the address bar to green and displays the name of the certificate holder EV. A green bar ensures customers that their relationship with the web site will be safe and that the company has been identified in accordance with the highest standards in the industry. This SSL certificate allows you to share critical or personal data on the Internet, providing interaction with the intranet and extranet through a strong 128-bit 256-bit encryption.



VeriSign wants to be areas should be clean, not only encrypted, so the VeriSign technology of running malicious scans absolutely free of charge ever day to make sure that your site is secure. It’s free and automated program specific to the brand VeriSign.



To purchase a lower “domain validation» (DV) SSL, the cheapest certificates, enterprises are not checked at all legitimacy. This allows virtually any company to purchase an SSL certificate of that type. Customers may be at risk for cheaper and less secure SSL certificates. On the other hand, 93 % of the Fortune 500 trust VeriSign SSL seal and VeriSign Trust. VeriSign SSL-trust seal is seen on more than 90,000 websites in 160 countries.



VeriSign also guarantees that the web site user is very noticeable on the Internet. The popular plugin called AVG Link Scanner (about 70 million users) creates a print-to-search, which fills the VeriSign logo on their company’s search engine. This allows a website to stand out from others that dramatically increased the traffic (18.5 per cent according to a study conducted Not only will it bring more traffic, but it brings a certain movement. Visitors will be able to feel comfortable and confident when buying from VeriSign SSL secured site.



According to VeriSign, research customer case shows that sales growth in the 10-34% occurs when the symbol is shown on the VeriSign site itself. Top 49 SSL using banks in the world and 81% of the largest e-commerce sites in North America use VeriSign SSL products.



VeriSign offers the best security measures in the industry for the exchange between the server and clients, from machine to machine, and among other network devices such as server load balancers and SSL accelerators. VeriSign SSL can give you the full protection of the security for both the Web and for the private use of the network.



VeriSign Secure Site Certificate provides an ultimate SSL solution with highest encryption available. VeriSign Secure Site enables website owners to provide their customers with highest level of trust and 256 bits encrypted transactions. Secure Site SSL Certificate is supported with VeriSign Secured Seal.


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  • Posted On April 27, 2012
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