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See Another Side of Nature by Diving in the Bahamas

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The Bahamas is well known for its sandy beaches and great resorts, but few hear or read about what’s underneath the water. They’re the seasoned divers’ best-kept secrets; fortunately, in the Bahamas at least, there’s no dearth of underwater activities in the island, what with its constant warm temperatures, and deep, clear waters. The excitement of finding a shipwreck with its treasures intact, is no fantastical tale in the Bahamas.

One of the most popular spots in the Bahamas, for beginning divers and experts alike, is Paradise Island. This island is home to a wide range of activities, both above and underwater, and makes it the place to see Mother Nature’s weird side. Some of the most colorful marine life can be found in the island’s waters, making it a popular destination for many. The good news is it’s only an hour-long flight from Florida.

Mother Nature must have been high or pleasurably intoxicated when she was shaping Paradise Island and its surrounding environment. Just off the coast is what divers refer to as the ‘Lost Blue Hole’, a huge opening on the ocean floor that descends from 30 to 200 feet fast. Seen from the air, it looks like a giant blue eye. Then there’s the ‘Tongue of the Ocean’, a 3,000 foot-deep oceanic trench that might just let you see into the first few circles of hell.

History buffs can also explore one of the shipwrecks that abound around Paradise Island. Beginners can take on Theo’s Wreck, a freighter that was intentionally sunk for diving enthusiasts. Movie buffs can go for the wrecks used in the film 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, as well as the hulking ruins filmed in various James Bond movies.

Diving in Paradise Island Bahamas is just about the best site for close encounters with the natives of the seas. Divers usually interact with schools of angel fish and sergeant majors, but those who venture into the Lost Blue Hole can see giant stingrays and sharks. Wrecks are also surrounded by large game fish, but it takes an alert eye to spot them. . .

Bahamas hotels usually have diving instructors who can teach you the basics of scuba diving and snorkeling. These instructors can also take you out on diving incursions. Most beginners earn their diving certificates in just a few days.

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