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Selecting a Contractor for Structural Repairs

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As a home owner you are tempted to ask the first contractor you come across to undertake the structural repair of your Queens home. However, it is essential to select a contractor with care to ensure proper repairs and avoid more expenses in the future. Before you finalize a contractor ask for a free estimate. The estimate should detail the cost of products, the cost of use of any special equipment, as well as labor costs. If the estimate is not free, do not hold it against the company. Perhaps they are worth the extra cost and provide quality work.

The contractor should also be willing to provide a written, transferable warranty that explains his obligations. By keeping in mind that verbal assurances are not enforceable you will be able to insist that all promises are given in writing. The contractor should also be able to come up with a firm starting date for the work and a date for the completion of the work.


Ask the contractor if you are considering fixing the basement floods in your Queens home for references. You should be able to call up the people referred and ask them about the contractor’s ability to adhere to the schedule as well their ability to clean up after the completion of the work. By contacting home owners who had their basements fixed a couple of years ago you will be able to judge the quality of the work and after sales service.

Local Contractor

When hiring a contractor to tackle basement leaks in Queens you need to ask for a local contractor. The local contractor who values their reputation in the neighborhood will be more willing to provide after sales service. You will also be able to check the references provided and assure yourself of the quality of work provided. Ensure that the local contractor has technicians who have been trained in the proper installation of the products. Certified professional installers will be able to ensure that the special products are properly installed quickly. This will save you both time and money.

Specialist Contractor

As foundation repair problems are structural issues, you need to find specialist contractors to deal with these. Ordinary contractors might be unable to spot the real cause of the cracked or buckling foundation wall. This will lead them to suggest solutions that are ineffective. Since there are special patented products designed by structural and geotechnical engineers to strengthen and straighten buckling foundation walls, you need to find a contractor who has access to these products. Moreover, the contractor should have employees who have been trained to install these products properly. A specialist contractor will be able to repair the foundation of your Queens home instead of replacing it.

Sump Pumps

One of the most effective ways of keeping water out of basements in Queens and elsewhere is by diverting excess water to a sump and installing sump pumps. The installation of a fool proof system of sump pumps requires experience. The contractor should install the sump pump and an additional sump pump backed by a battery. Moreover, the contractor should install an alarm that will alert the home owner if the pump fails or the pipes clog.

By taking the time to select a reliable contractor you will be able to enhance the structural durability of your home.



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