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Selecting a Proper Credit Card Equipment

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If you are an online merchant just starting out in your business, you have obviously figured out that the ability to accept and process credit cards is vital to your success. After all, when is the last time you wrote a check in the age of online banking? Credit card processing allows you to process a transaction much more quickly than the old pen-and-paper route. However, high volume merchants must select the proper credit card equipment to assure ease in processing and to avoid extravagant fees.


A credit card processing machine itself can run between $300 and $900. Because you are more than likely a high volume online merchant dealing with all internet sales, you will need to purchase credit card processing software or find an online credit card processing provider.


The easiest way to start accepting credit cards is to select a merchant account provider. A merchant account provider will set up an e-commerce account for you that will consolidate all payments to your business made via credit card, debit card, electronic checks, and more.


Merchant accounts are convenient in many ways. For one thing, they often have an array of benefits that would be difficult to locate elsewhere, such as extended customer support hours, recognition of all five major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club), real-time processing, and more.


Merchant account providers are also ideal for high risk merchants and high volume merchants by providing High risk merchant accounts as an option for merchants that many banks may hesitate to grant a traditional e-commerce account due to higher increase of fraud. High risk merchants include businesses such as collection agencies, adult-themed websites and escort services, check-chasing providers, online dating services, multi-level marketing (MLM), detective services, internet pharmaceuticals, weight loss services, pawn shops, software downloads, time share sales, mortgages and securities, and many more.


No matter what type of credit processing equipment or service you choose for your business, remember to research it carefully. Specifically ask about extra fees and charges, especially for high risk merchant accounts. Read the fine print carefully, even if there is a lot of it. Also be on the lookout for suspiciously low fees. Credit card processors are required to pay fees to credit card companies. This fee normally amounts to 1.65 percent per transaction. Look out for credit card processors offering low rates such as one percent – this will more than likely result in added fees or rate hikes partially through your contract to offset the processor’s loss.


Whatever your business, High Risk Credit Card Processor has a processing solution for you. High Risk Credit Card Processor represents over twenty different processing sources (United States-based banks, offshore banks, third party processors, ACH Processors, check drafts and more). Whether you are looking for one merchant account or multiple merchant accounts, High Risk Credit Card Processor can accommodate your processing needs. We’ll get your account approved quickly and keep it running smoothly without any volume caps. Let our staff of processing industry veterans find the solution that’s right for you. Please fill out our High Risk Credit Card Processor NO OBLIGATION quick form (it takes about one minute) and let the High Risk Credit Card Processor team devise a credit processing solution that meets the needs of your high risk or high volume business.


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