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Selling Phone Systems Online is Not Rocket Science

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Marketing is listening to the market, understanding the requirement and satisfying that demand in a profitable way. Some suppliers have listened for several decades and concluded that their customers want exactly what they state, “the best prices” and ease of purchase. Hence the evolution of Primark. There’s no nonsense just class beating pricing and big stores with simple access.
Perhaps the economic climate brought about by the banking crisis of 2008 has put a greater emphasis on price but it has always been an area of consumer focus. Pound shops are not a new thing but they have flourished since the credit crunch as folk tend to budget more tightly. There is a growing mentality towards pile it high and sell it cheap and those who have embraced this have prospered throughout the adversity.
Primark’s model is simplistic in that they invest the minimum in shop-fitting systems and general swankiness. They have been careful not to compromise on quality though as they have been aware that you can only under-deliver once at which point you are in jeopardy of losing loyalty from consumers. So they have focussed on buying extremely well themselves and keeping advertising miniscule. If their produce is hitting the mark with the public then it sells itself. There’s a kind of viral effect to discounting which encourages shoppers to inform their friends in as many ways as possible. The world loves a bargain and social media has done no harm in assisting us to promote those that we find. It’s so natural these days to check-in on FaceBook or tweet a discovery to our contacts.
So surely phone systems can be marketed in a similar and canny methodology. Abbey Telecom has been very overt with ticket-prices at their recently revised phone systems website indeed they are completely upfront about what your total expenditure will be. The firm has spent nearly 20 years establishing a minimalist cost-base. Zero borrowings was the first step as this is a huge burden on businesses. Even the engineers’ cars are bought rather than leased.
Chasing the lowest wages has also been a priority for the management. The skinniest staffing overhead generally follows the frugal property values and Blackburn – Lancashire is at the forefront of depressed house valuations. The reasoning is to do with mortgages being the largest outgoings for most householders.


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  • Posted On June 29, 2011
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