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Send Flowers By Post : Flowers For Different Occasions

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One of those gifts that have an unvarying significance for every occasion is flowers. Send flowers by post when you have to respond to an anniversary invitation reciprocate someone’s gift or substitute your attendance at a funeral.


In many cultures, flowers do not have the same significance. Get to know these differences before you send flowers by post. To help you we have prepared a list of occasions along with the flowers that suit the purpose.


·         Flowers by Post for Weddings

Weddings are one of those occasions that merit a really big and beautiful bouquet; even outrageously grand bouquets are great if you can carry it in your car to the wedding! Apart from wedding attendees, organizers require flowers in bulk during the occasion.

Now there are a few things to consider. The first is season. Seasonal blooms have always been favourites among wedding planners and guests alike, these are an economical choice and are readily available at all flowers by post delivery centres. If we take all seasons into account, we come up with a few classic flowers that are perfect for weddings all year round.


Roses, lilies, Gerber daisies, lilies of the valley, tulips, hyacinths and orchids have special meanings and make for great bridal flowers. If you are a wedding planner, you can assign one each to the bride, maid of honour, bride of mother, flower girls and the all important tossing bouquet. Some brides substitute the tossing tradition with a less stampede-inviting alternative such as handing over one flower to all unmarried ladies. Whatever be the process, the bouquet has to be special because traditionally this was believed to carry fertility charms to all unmarried women. Therefore, we propose Calla lily for the tossing bouquet.


·         Flowers by Post for Birthdays & Anniversaries


 Birthday boys and girls love flowers on their birthdays. English tradition considers flowers are symbols of youth and longevity. We see flowers on birthday cards and gifts because these are reminiscent of happiness and purity.

For birthdays and anniversaries choose blossoms that are bright and colourful. Seasonal flowers are a good choice, but never pick white lilacs because old English superstitions considers it unlucky, which incidentally makes it a great choice for the next occasion we are about to discuss.


·         Flowers by post for Funerals

White lilac is considered the best option on a funeral. The reason is its strong fragrance, which was used to mask the smell of dead bodies before embalmers become common. Other sympathy signifying flowers can are: chrysanthemums, white roses and lilies.

For more ideas and tips on flowers by post, stay tuned on these pages.


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