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SEO Content, let’s write it right

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The ability to write content for the web means writing pieces addressing not only the people (your target audience) but also taking into account a number of important factors, in order to be read by search engines. It is said very often that no one should write too mechanical, and this is definitely something true, but follow some basic rules can make the difference between the good visibility of an article and its “disappearance” in the vast sea of the network.

First rule: The title, you should ne never be tired to think of a proper title for your article, maybe, which should be similar with the keywords that you want to use to position your piece.

Second rule: Use properly h1 h2 and h3 tags, this is not done very often, and you are likely to emphasize the wrong information to those who actually want to communicate. The proper use of these tags can make a difference, and make it easier to read not only the search engine but also the user, such as consulenza seo roma e provicina can be a good title for an article on my site .

Third rule: The length. Write articles too synthetic at times can be counterproductive because you get a superficial information and the search engine does not assess how relevant content that has been written. A good length should be somewhere around at least 250, 300 words, which is already regarded as suitable. Also important to include at least one good quality photo that makes the piece even more comprehensive information purposes.

All this is instill a cookbook of rules is important for search engines for people, and perhaps why it is important to repeat and emphasize again, because it is indisputable that we need a quality article and interesting way to please the public, just as it is indisputable that the same quality will be obvious even to the search engine with the necessary precautions.

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