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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

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Every pet owner must have observed at sometime or other your pet dog drives you crazy by behaving badly. It is very important to figure out if yorkie puppies for sale do this due to lack of training or is being plain stubborn. The other reason could be possibly a fear of separation or separation anxiety. Professionals actually believe that there are many cases of yorkies for sale where they reportedly suffer from anxiety of separation as some of the pet owners have to remain out for longer duration of time working and traveling. It has been noted that dog separation anxiety is a huge and serious issue that requires immediate addressing. Almost nearly, 10% of all puppies and dogs do experience this separation anxiety syndrome at some time in their lives. Although it is not easy to cure but often when we look for the root cause, we can take adequate measures to fix it as early as possible.

Separation anxiety usually crops up when your dog becomes too dependent and reliant on you. We know that dogs are basically social animals and after being bonded well with his owner (you), he seeks your company all the time. Sometimes, some dogs become much more dependent that the usual. A normal dog or yorkies for sale will come over to see you occasionally and go back to its crate or sleeping area. Where as the dog who becomes too much attached will seek to sit beside you or on your lap all the time, and this one can undergo separation anxiety when you go away for few days. Dog separation anxiety causes a series of problems that crop up when you come or go from the home and if your dog or yorkie puppies for sale behave in a different way every time you come or go, then you need to understand that you have a real issue on your hands.

Below are listed a few symptoms of separation anxiety, which can label your dog as a bad dog, and they are:

• Dog bites and chews on anything and everything like furniture, clothes, shoes and such things.
• Unlearning all housebreaking training and everywhere in the house.
• He excessively whines, cries, and barks.
• He starts vomiting, wheezing, or choking
• He becomes awfully restless, distressed, and disturbed.

However, before continuing further you need to understand the difference between bad dog behaviors versus an actual disorder. In case, these changed behaviors are connected to the owner coming or going it is definitely a separation anxiety disorder.

Symptoms of separation anxiety are difficult to cure but you can without doubt lessen the symptoms greatly by applying these tips and tricks like – taking a good walk with your pet before you go out. Exercise with him, so that he tires and rests quietly when you are gone. Then you can place one of your shirts so that dog can smell your scent and is reassured of your closeness. There are many other similar tips that you can take up so as to lessen the fear and anxiety of separation in your dog.


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