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State Hodges Personal Audio recommended dr dre beats the dr dre headphones Conference also, the Klipsch Philharmonic Ear care hearing quite a few activities launching ceremony in Beijing Sanlitun D.Lounge bar the graceful conduct of the United States the Klipsch Asia-Pacific regional v . p . David Westy westfall, Klipsch exclusive agents Yadeng the in the China’s totalthe manager Mr. Xu and Yuan of Taiwan’s well-known music producer, a multitude of high-end fashion and digital media category and Klipsch dealer a hear the Klipsch moving sound and feel in the stylish design and comfy to put on. Plus, the honored guests to sign up inside launching ceremony of this Klipsch Philharmonic Ear care hearing a series dr dre studio of activities, wire witness the sincere concern in the HiFi community hall-class label of dr dre solo Klipsch to the vision belonging to the Ear, and asked community suggestions more headset brands to hitch.

Klipsch speakers Mr. engineer Paul.w.Klipsch, legendary in the was founded in 1946, Klipsch 60 years as the classic version of the U.S. speaker, speaker products has maintained a job of fine quality and irreplaceable basis into production 60 the flagship product for a few years the Klipsch Horn, continues to be thought to be a milestone with the audio industry. Today, Klipsch high-quality headphones for music lovers first-class portable music experience, more arduous stylish design and comfy to make use of. Klipsch headphones is just about the mainstream of European and American markets headphone brands, is considered the mainstream of Apple’s flagship store recommended headphones brand.

Yadeng China to be the sole agent of your Klipsch headphones and private audio, Klipsch headphones Image series, plus more ! advanced Refernce series or perhaps a quantity of unique design, a single product for Chinese consumers and headphone fans. The active site, models money illustration showing the Klipsch headphones star product the M40, Reference One Reference S4, image X10 a range of occasions for business, home and leisure wear effect. Guests have the perfect fusion on the Klipsch headphones with Apple devices. The live interactive sessions may also be the climax, your attendees to produce their particular Apple device because of the the AIRPLAY site controlled Hodges G17 wireless speaker, personally experienced the extraordinary effect of one’s Klipsch sound using the ultimate experience.

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