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Sesame Paste: A Nutritious Ingredient for Delicacies

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Sesame Paste is used in a number of cuisines around the world. It is prepared from hulled as well as unhulled Sesame Seeds. Sesame Paste is considered to be a wholesome ingredient and is used in several delicacies to add flavor and nutritional value.

What Is Sesame Paste?
Ground sesame seeds are used to prepare Sesame Paste. It is one of the extensively used ingredients in varied Middle Eastern delicacies. Depending on the state or city where it is used, Sesame Paste is referred as ‘tahini’ or ‘tahina’. Prepared using either hulled or brown sesame seeds, also known as unhulled sesame seeds, the Sesame Paste is a thick nutritious paste. The paste made from hulled sesame seeds is not as bitter as the paste made from unhulled sesame seeds.

The Different Types Of Ingredient Used To Prepare Sesame Paste:

Hulled Sesame Seeds: Hulled sesame seeds are used to prepare dark and nutty paste. This type of Sesame Paste is dark brown in color.

Unhulled Sesame Seeds: Unhulled seeds are also used to prepare Sesame Paste. This is the most nutritious type of tahini (Sesame Paste) you can get. The Sesame Paste made from unhulled sesame seeds is rich in vitamins, proteins and calcium. However, the unhulled sesame paste is slightly bitter than the hulled.

Sesame Paste is a good source of vitamin B, calcium and proteins. Besides, the full of nutrients Sesame Paste has Antioxidants and vitamin E, which are beneficial for human body. Sesame Paste is a good source of methionine, a vital amino acid, which is very beneficial for liver detoxification.

Uses Of Nutritious Sesame Paste:
Sesame Paste is very helpful for people who like eating raw food. You can add Sesame Paste with roasted vegetables. You can also use Sesame Paste on bread and thus can ensure a healthy breakfast. It is extensively used as an ingredient for hummus, a delicious Middle Eastern delicacy. Hummus is a chick pea based cuisine. Its main ingredients are Sesame Paste, lemon juice, chik peas, olive oil and garlic. Sesame Paste is also used in a mouth-watering dish called Baba Ghanoush, yet another widely consumed Middle Eastern cuisine. Sesame Paste is also extensively used in a number of cuisines of countries such as Turkey, Greece and Israel.

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