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Setting a Rational Weight Reducing Plan

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You can get advice to lose weight anywhere. Many people will take any advice offered for setting goals to lose weight, but most people never actual lose weight. Is there a reason for this? You cant reach goals that are not realistic to begin with, could be the reason.

Your goal never had a chance, because you were already set up for failure before you even took the first step. The following are several ways to set achievable goals that will bring about the results that you want.

Set a realistic and healthy goal for weight loss: Determine to lose weight based on a healthy goal and plan to lose the weight slowly. Lets take it step by step. The way the weight is lost as well as the number of pounds lost is what is meant by the term healthy goal. Diet and exercise without any or very few weight loss supplements, while seemingly traditional, is still the healthiest path to take to lose weight. So, when you plan your weight loss goals, be sure to plan for the ways in which you can adopt the appropriate diet and exercise plan into your daily routine. Your body has to adjust to all the changes demanded of it and it will respond better if you try to lose weight slowly. According to health experts, you can aim to lose 5 to 10% of your weight when first starting out to be in the safe zone. If your starting weight is 150 pounds, then for example, you goal when you start out should be a loss of 7.5-15 pounds. You can then aim for a healthy 2-pound weight loss every week. Even though it may seem to take a while, the best way to lose weight is lose it slowly and stay with it until the weight loss goal is achieved. Taking it slow and steady will help you stay on the right path.

Energizing pursuits: Whatever you are most passionate about should become your aims. To continue with your goals no matter how tough things become, will only happen by setting goals close to your heart. And it will get tough at one point or another. Not everyone can take the physical work or the mental determination to be able to see a weight loss program through to the end. Being happy is important to most people, and quite often the passionate desire to be happy is their reason for wanting to lose weight. Dont lose weight because others tell you to or that you are supposed to fit into a mold. The only reason for losing weight is because you want to.

Be specific: Do you want to lose weight, then be specific in how much weight you want to lose, and when you want it done, and how you plan on doing it.

The only way you will know how well your program is working, is by having your goal setting details put down somewhere to compare your progress and allow for corrections. As an example for each day, you have a goal of eating smaller portions of food, brisk walking after dinner for 15 minutes, in order to lose 2 pounds for the week.

Indeed, you will soon realize that healthy, effective and safe weight loss is a series of small steps. Each of those smaller steps should lead to larger steps until success is achieved – and enjoyed, for that matter. Once you have the big picture, you will be ready to begin your journey, and then build on the progress you make.

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