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Setup a Home Network

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Invention of Computers has revolutionized each and every sphere of the industry by making the work easy and fast. Along with this, advent of internet has remarkably connected people all over the world. There are certain mechanisms through which several computers can be connected with each other. Installing a server that is a hub through all the computers presence in the same premise can be well-connected with each other. What does this connection mean? It means that different drives of the computer such as C drive, D drive can be shared and also the information on drive of one computer can be accessed through another computer. This is the way how work is done in offices. But the question arises!  How to set up network connection between several computers at home? Setting up home network is a matter of technical expertise. Let us discuss the ways to set up network between computers at home.

Two Ways Through Which A Home Network Connection Can Be Set Up:

Wi-fi: This is the latest technology in which connection between the computers and the internet can be made without usage of cables. Wifi, basically, means a wireless connection. This prevents the space occupied by the cable that makes the setup chaotic and congested.  Thus, for setting the Wifi connection one needs to purchase a wireless router and an adapter. Network between the computers can be established by connecting the router, adapter and the computer with each other and then other several systems nearby area can also get connected through this Wifi network. This needs a high technical knowledge and also one can contact computer professionals who can easily install the whole set up within a matter of few minutes.

LAN: LAN stands for local area network. As the name suggests, LAN is the connection between computers within a reach of 1-2 kms from each other. The connection can be made using a LAN wire that connects two or more than two computers. The first step is to connect the wire with each other. In order to share the internet connection also, one side of the wire must be fixed into the internet modem and another with computer. In this case, a separate wire is needed for another computer.  After that, few settings have to be done on the computer. Open ‘My Computer’ and go the network settings and activate LAN connection. This will take few minutes and the process of getting connected is visible on the screen. Now, the next step is to decide which drives are needed to be shared. One can easily decide this by exploring options in the network setting dialog box. Now, after the connection is established, both the computers are ready to share information with each other. This is the time when one can access the information on C or D Drive of one computer with another. This kind of technique prevents over expenditure on internet or the printer that can also be connected through LAN.

Though all this might sound very difficult to do but it is easy and simple once the whole process is understood in details. There is yet another solution to get Wireless network setup. One can call computer professionals who offer Home Networking Solutions. One can contact them over the internet by browsing B2B portals and directories.

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