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Several Tips for Wearing Yellow

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Wear yellow…

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the color yellow?

Sunshine? Daffodils? Sun- flowers? Summer?

So why wear yellow?

Because yellow is a happy, cheery color which can make yourself, and others feel good!

A lot of people are cautious about wearing yellow, and so they should be! Some people avoid the colour all together, because it can be tricky to get it right. But there’s a shade of yellow for everyone, and different ways to wear it to best suit you.

First of all, gold looks good on everyone! So if all else fails when selecting clothing, or you just want to play it safe, go for silky gold tones.

If your blond with medium to dark skin tone, go for bright yellows, a few shades brighter than your hair color. If you have sun-tanned skin, pastel yellows will compliment. But if your hair is bleached blond, almost white, avoid pastels as they may make you look washed out, go for brights instead.

If you have pale skin, wear a dull-medium shade of yellow, and break it down with other colors included in the garment. Go for a garment that is a combination of yellow and grey, or white and yellow, as grey and white harmonize with yellow easily. In fact, these are the only two colors that harmonize with yellow, except of course black, but not always.Oh and, sometimes brown will compliment yellow, and denim goes well with yellow also.

Pastel shades also work with pale skin, some brights will suit some pale skin tones, some won’t. Most fitting will be almost neutral, natural shades of yellow.

If you have dark skin and dark hair, you want to go for a medium yellow, a yellow that’s in between light and bright is safest. Dirty yellow/mustard tones harmonize well with medium-dark skin also.

If your skin colour is very dark, be careful about how bright you go, but generally bright/ light bright yellow will best compliment dark skin.

If your skin is medium dark, like Tyra Banks, then you can pretty much get away with any type of yellow you fancy!

Since the color yellow isn’t necessarily a simple colour to wear, as you kinda have to think about it if you want to get it right..The easiest way to wear it is as a one piece! Which would of course be a yellow summer, or a yellow evening dress, which will go best with either light brown sandals for the day, or silver stiletto’s for night.

Silver jewelery is more inclined to go well with yellow than gold jewellery. You should keep jewelery minimal when wearing yellow, as the colour itself is enough to stand out beautifully on it’s own.

Wear a yellow top either with jeans, or grey pants. Avoid wearing a yellow top with black pants, as you will remind people of a bumble bee, rather than someone who looks great in yellow! A bit of black is all good though, black shoes for example.

A yellow skirt will go best with a white top. And i don’t ever want to see anyone wearing yellow pants! NO ONE should wear yellow pants, unless their at a dress-up party, or on stage.

If your still scared of yellow, try a yellow head- scarf, or shoes. Or even just some yellow earrings to add a splash of sun-shine to your outfit this summer!

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