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Share great moments & exciting news through images

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A picture describes an action far better than a sentence or a paragraph written in the most flowery language. A relevant picture reduces the need of writing texts and also gives a good visual effect to a content. Hence both print and web publications use loads of images to make contents and layouts attractive.

But relevance is very important here. A mismatching image can spoilsport the effort of a web or newspaper page designer, instead of making a layout attractive. So you need a good source of pictures. Image hosting sites do provide high standard images but they often fail to meet the exact requirement as limited numbers of images are uploaded there. To get unlimited stock of all varieties of images, you need Unlike known image hosting sites, is a photo sharing community that allows all to upload images taken by them. Hence you will get image taken by an experienced professional photographer as well as pictures that are productions of rookies and amateurs. Sometimes, ordinary images offer more relevance to texts. When your text is about a particular place or a celebrity you will need picture taken by a professional, but when it is about something off-bit, an image taken by an amateur could be more useful.

That’s where is better than other photo hosting sites. As people from all walks of life get the scope to showcase their photographic skills here, the community is rich in stock. Another very interesting aspect of is that it gives you the scope to get the exact picture of an action or incident. If your friend witnesses something exciting and you feel like writing something on it, you can request him/her to upload a picture or all the images of the incident on Uploading, downloading and sharing of images are absolutely free at and hence one can download and upload unlimited number of images.

Apart from professional need, you can use the platform that provides, for fun and amusement. If you are on vacation or have bought something new and can’t wait to share the great moments or the news with your friends, you can do it instantly through Simply log in to the site and upload the images under specific categories. provides 8 categories under which you can upload images-anime, general, people, celebrity, culture, movies, automotive and pet. Besides, the site displays images under two special categories- most popular pictures and random pictures. Just select the exact category, upload your images under it and then inform your friends.

However, to do that, you and your friends need to be a member of the community. It’s simple. Just register yourself with and get an ID and password. Since it is an online service, you can access the site to see, upload, share and download images anytime. So log on to the net right now and get yourself registered with to ensure availability of all types of images, as much as you need.

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