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Sign Up For Hush To Grab An Amazing Gift

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Have you got a perfect travel set for your tour? If you haven’t, then much to your surprise and luck, Hush conducts a special competition for its fans and audience who are eager to win a special travel pack. Currently, in this month, HUSH is joining hands with the LUXE travel guide and author Bethan Thomas to create a perfect travel set for the able winners. If you are lucky enough, you can win the lottery now, so sign up at the official site of HUSH-UK. The competition is open for everyone who loves to explore opportunities.

Amazingly, you can win a travel set worth $160 that comes with the Hush overnight bag which is made of highly durable material. The other gift included in the travel set, arean Aesop travel beauty pack. If you are a fashionista who loves beauty kits and stuffs, then you will definitely love this. For people who are so enthusiastic about traveling, a pack of 5 travel guides that will give you useful knowledge about cities, places, tourism and much more is included in this. The gift set also occupies a set of linen box, which is LUXE made. So, are you excited now? Yeah, definitely, still it has a lot more to come.

This event doesn’t end here; wait for that heavy runner up prizes. If you become the runner, then you are eligible for two attractive gifts. The first one will receive a signed copy of the latest book, My Policeman written by the fictional author Bethan Roberts. The second runner up is going to get a pack of gorgeous silk scarves. Holidaying is a wonderful experience with ideal kit, if you are a lucky prodigy then sign up for competition now. No matter that how you got here, just fill up the mandatory details, you can win a great prize now!


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  • Posted On August 17, 2012
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