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Signage Printing

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Signage is a visual graphic, and one of the most popular promotional tools preferred by companies and businesses today. Signage printing can be seen along the road, at entry and exit gates, at metro and bus stations, on buildings, etc. The purpose of Signage Printing is to communicate information to the general public. Information may include directions like directional arrow on roads, stop and speed limit posts; identification like toilet signs and safety and regulatory signs on roads, or even advertisement.

Almaxco Signage Printing Panels
Almaxco is a trusted name in the field of Signage Digital Printing Panels throughout the world. Almaxco Signage Digital Printing Panels are used differently for many indoors and outdoors applications as these Panels are exceptionally light weight, flat and rigid. Because of the same reason, Almaxco Signage Digital Printing Panels can be used with endless possibilities for decorative purposes and for communicating information as well.

Features Of Almaxco Signage Printing Panels  
.    Light Weight- Almaxco Signage Digital Printing Panels are extremely light weight which makes them apt for many wide range of Signage applications. They can be easily mounted over exits or entries of buildings and other such places.
.    Durable- Almaxco Signage Digital Printing Panels are durable and last longer as compared to other alternatives.
.    Rigid and Flat- The rigidity and flatness of Signage Digital Printing Panels manufactured by Almaxco makes them perfect for making different designs on the panel.
.    Ink Absorption Capacity- Signage Digital Printing Panels quickly absorbs the ink coated on it in the form of a design or any graphic. This quality makes them perfect for digital UV printing.
.    Anti- Corrosive- Almaxco Signage  Digital Printing Panels are corrosion resistant which makes them best suited for outdoor applications.
.    Chemical Resistant- Signage Digital Printing Panels manufactured by Almaxco are resistant not only to corrosion but also to chemicals as well.
.    Gloss Level And Shine- Almaxco Digital Signage Printing Panels have excellent shine and high gloss level. Also they are coated with high quality paint procured from reliable paint suppliers, which gives Almaxco Signage Printing Panels, a superior finish.

Having so many properties, Signage Digital Printing Panels are used widely across many industries. Some examples of this are advertising boards, petrol station sign boards, at exhibition booths, cladding and ceiling, for corporate identities, etc. Besides wide application in the above mentioned industries, Signage Digital Printing is also used in the transport industry for printing on buses and vehicles, etc.

Almaxco Signage Digital Printing Panels are manufactured by a continuous coil coating line process, which results in a smooth and even surface of the panel sheets. The of Almaxco Digital Printing and Signage Panels are non-toxic and environmental friendly.

Signage Panels are a need for advertising industries for displaying different advertisements and communicating information as well. Rigid and flat structure of these panels make then even more reliable to use for the purpose mentioned.

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