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Simple Yet Effective Strategies to Maintain Your Air Conditioning System

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A well-maintained air conditioning system not just minimizes the energy consumption but enhances the indoor air quality too. Moreover, proper maintenance can boost the life span of air conditioning systems and keeps them in good working condition.

When it’s up to air conditioning maintenance, even an inexperienced homeowner can inspect and maintain the air conditioning parts using instruction manual effectively. However, for complicated tasks its better to get assistance from an expert air conditioning specialist since improper repair or replacement can affect the overall performance of the air conditioning system.

If you are planning to clean your air conditioning system, you need to follow some guidelines to avoid causing any internal or external damages to the system. You can even start to troubleshoot your air conditioning systems using the instruction manual in which a few basic tips for inspection might be available. If you are unsure about the ways to troubleshoot some common problems in the air conditioning system, here are a few tips for inspection that might assist you in troubleshooting the system effectively.

- Check out for foul odors which might be caused due to accumulation of dirt, mold, mildew and debris in the coil.

- If your air conditioning requires more time to cool than normal, you need to examine its filter which might be blocked due to dirt, pollen and other impurities.

- If the condenser unit fails, you need to call a professional air conditioning repair specialist since you might have to replace the entire condenser unit

- If the refrigerant level suddenly declines, you need to inspect for possible leaks

It’s time to know about some simple maintenance strategies that might save your maintenance cost, equipment replacement cost, energy bills, installation cost and much more.

Clean the filter:

Filter is an important part that needs more cleaning and maintenance than other parts. Since, it filters out impurities effectively it gets accumulated with dirt and pollen. So, you need to clean the filter using dry cloth effectively. You must also replace the filter based on its performance to boost the overall performance of the system.

Make use of spray to remove odors from coil unit:

You can find air conditioning spray in home supply centers to remove the foul odor from coil unit effectively. However, try to spray than foams which might cause internal problems.

Examine the drainage system:

Check the drain system properly and if you encounter any blocks run a piece of wire within the drainage tube.

Ensure the air conditioner’s fin is straight:

You need to make sure that the air conditioner’s fin is straight since a slight bend can also block airflow.

Check out the condenser level:

Make sure the condenser is in normal level or use pressure-treated lumber underneath one side to restore its normal level.

Clean the exterior condenser unit:

When cleaning exterior condenser unit, you need to clean all the debris and other impurities properly to enhance its performance.

Air conditioning Sacramento companies use advanced inspection and repair techniques to fix even complicated air conditioning issues in time. The author is an expert in the air conditioning Sacramento arena and has written many articles regarding tips for inspection in the past.


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