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Simulation of fragments of film photography skill

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When we record himself, they do not have to canon digital ixus 200a charger completely limited to pictures of the present aesthetic feeling, blindly take place limitations too strong. Sometimes will story into the photograph, shoot the TV and film scene, the effect also is right choice.

Movies and TV series is continuous photographs of the combination, the screen each frame is director on careful arrangement for the beholder picture, often whether composition, the light of the characters or body language, and is a very critical photography canon digital ixus 115 HS charger works. We also can do this for self-time, ready to shoot in the film before remember unforgettable were images of the moment, will take scenes and Angle prior arrangements, although this is just good a copy, but photos are presented or artistic conception can let a person shine at the moment.

This television play imitation of fragments of shooting mode, the important thing is to create “plot sense”, the character and the state of the scene perfectly together, so that the reader see photos the story behind.

In order to better scene, had better use canon digital ixus 220 HS charger wide-angle lens photography, wide Angle lens broad point range can in the picture into more picture elements, it’s perspective to these elements and performance to enlarge and exaggerated, and create a unique the picture atmosphere.

Film clips, pay attention to the character’s perfectly integrates to the scene, this needs to be reasonable showing pictures of the dimensional feeling and stereo feeling. If direct stand in the background to shoot, especially inflexible before in the light of the conditions, can’t see any shadow, the character is like in the background, stick if play the flash, and as a direct from the background to dig out characters, so ably some prospects natural terrain, and the characters of the picture into some interaction. Picture not only become more lively, whole photo will be because prospects, the subject, the perfect fusion of background and appear more rich administrative levels feels and stereo feeling.

You can also let these to have the story plot in the form of stories self-time, photography itself is a canon digital ixus 40 charger kind of express your feelings, the way of narrative series photos to people can feel like a complete movie clips, including many zhang exist some photos of the inner link, a plot of the story for the beholder show. The photo of a photograph may take out alone for the feelings that is black and white, but as long as they are put together, can give a person a psychological revelation.


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  • Posted On March 8, 2012
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