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Six Big New iPhone Accessories 2012

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On March 20, in this week, I will continue to brings new iPhone accessories for you, in this week debut of accessories among protection sets occupies most parts, of course, there are also many some novelty of small stuff, personality still is the main concept of iPhone accessories, after all, iPhone is so popular in global. Let’s us see in the below together.


Stylish laser technology iPhone keyboard

First to introduce the external keyboard, which is full of a sense of science and technology, and it is different from that we used to see, this add-in iPhone keyboard, the keyboard is not a physical keyboard, but on a projection keyboard projection on the plane, this laser keyboard looks very cool.


The keyboard was manufactured by ELECOM, we can see in the picture, the laser head hard keyboard size is very small, in carry, by using the projection, projection keyboard has a larger size, making it easier to use. Red laser makes it easier to use in the dark. 


Keyboard connection via Bluetooth and mobile phone, can also be connected through a USB interface with the computer. Built-in rechargeable battery in the projection equipment can be used for 2 hours for the user. The projection keyboard Bluetooth in the Japan market, priced at 28,875 yen, approximately 2,180RMB.


Full Texture iPhone metal base

Now to introduce the parts of iPhone4S is a base, from the overall look, the base is still full of sense of science and technology. Joined the internal speaker on the base, you can have the phone plays music sounds better, connecting phone base, you can to charge, also ensures that the phone’s standby time. If you want to learn more information, you can check out it on iphone accessories mall.


The base name for the Ideal Timepiece, is made from aluminum materials, simple appearance, is nicely with the iPhone4. Users can use the base built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Base the data hidden behind hide data cables also plays an important role in appearance. Now the base is still in the design phase, its designers said postpartum in the base price will be about $ 89.


Double Capacity iPhone USB drive protective sleeve

Many Smartphones have the functionality to mass storage, many users are accustomed to some information carried in mobile phones, but the iPhone does not have such a feature, you can take a look at this case, it can help you to carry the information with you.


This iPhone casing is made by Makrolon, is different from the normal shell that the shell is joined on one storage device, is equivalent to a 8GB Mobile Shell installed on the USB drive so that user data can be saved to the USB drive, and then carry away.

The sleeves have a variety of color options, priced at $ 42, which means you only need to spend around $ 300 to get iPhone4S mass storage function of the increase 8GB, iPhone4 are also available, of course.


Cute profile iPhone protective holder Cup

Here the case is interesting, from the back view looks like a Cup, however you can not be fooled by its appearance, seen from the side, you can see, this protection is only half a Cup. This kinds of cute iphone cases, let you can’t help to buy it.



We can see from the picture, this case is very cute, is more suitable for female users. In case Cup on the back of the handle is not a decoration, it can also seat brackets. The handle tie round the body can provide a very good support for mobile phone, in addition, it can also be used as a bobbin winder. A variety of bright colors can be selected for this protection cover, it is compatible with iPhone and iPhone4S, priced at $ 22.


Classic games iPhone cartoon case

As a child, the red-white game left a deep impression on us, to introduce below this level of protection is based on the childhood of classic games as a pattern in red and white machine, not only cute and memories that can be brought to us.


This protection case is adopted with plastic protection of borders and the metal back shell design, this design makes the protective shell of feeling better, for the protection of the phone itself is more comprehensive, users no longer need to worry about protection problems bad cleaning after dirty. Keys for mobile phone at the borders open, which is compatible with iPhone4 and iPhone4S. Do you like these unique iphone cases?


Feature-rich iPhone leather protection package

Contained here are the parts of a case zero-wallet, business card holder, card packs, and other features, coupled with the selection of quality leather material, makes the case looks great grades, and is suitable for business people, with this case, card holder and contacts can be saved.


This case is adopted with real leather, feel very good, are more durable, protective sleeve has two cards, can ensure the phone is wrapped firmly. In addition to mobile phone pocket, in case there is a pocket with a zipper, can be used to change or some bank cards, and one open Pocket you can put some of your business cards, in one fell swoop, it is very convenient.




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