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Six Common Nose Alterations through Memphis Rhinoplasty

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Memphis rhinoplasty refers to the alterations of the nose for cosmetic purposes. This cosmetic surgery in Memphis TN involves different procedures that are performed to improve the physical appearance of the nose. There are a number of alterations that can be done on the nose. The particular Memphis Rhinoplasty alteration that is done depends on the issue you have with your nose. The first alteration is change of nose size. There are some people who may wish to reduce their nose size to make it proportional with the rest of the face.

The second common nose alteration is width reduction. A wide nose can be a problem especially for those with small faces. Therefore, Memphis rhinoplasty can help in reduction of nose width. This is normally done at the nose bridge during plastic surgery in Memphis TN. In some cases, the bridge might also be widened for those that have trouble breathing due to a constricted nose bridge. If the cosmetic surgery in Memphis TN has some health benefits, then insurance can cover that part.

Nostrils can also be altered during Memphis rhinoplasty. There are a number of things that can be changed in the nostrils by Memphis plastic surgeon. Large and wide nostrils can be reduced to make them smaller and more attractive. The same can also be done for upturned nostrils that expose a lot of the inside. Memphis rhinoplasty is done on such noses to bring them back to normal shape. This plays a big role in giving you a new attractive look.

Nose cosmetic surgery in Memphis TN is also designed to help solve asymmetry. This is a case where the nose is not balance and one side looks bigger than the other. Rhinoplasty can be used to solve this and make the nose more symmetrical. This can also be done in relation to the symmetry of the whole face. This brings out a balance on the whole face for a natural attractive look. Memphis rhinoplasty is also useful for correcting nasal deviation.

The tip of the nose is also a common problem area for most people. This is because the tip might be large in comparison to the rest of the nose. In other cases the tip might be drooping thus elongating your nose excessively. Cosmetic surgery in Memphis TN is used to correct these defects. The tip is altered depending on the problem it has. For example, upturned nasal tips can be shaped into normal position through cosmetic surgery in Memphis TN. Large or bulbous nose tips are reduced to normal size.

Finally, another alteration that is normally addressed through nose cosmetic surgery in Memphis TN is depression on the nose bridge. This makes the nose look crooked and thus needs correction. In addition, Memphis rhinoplasty can be used to smooth out visible humps on the nose bridge. Therefore, if you have any of the above issues with your nose, then they can be corrected. However, you need to have extensive consultation with a Memphis plastic surgeon so as to explain the results you want to get.

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