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Smart Social Media Marketing doesn’t shout but sells!

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There’s been a lot said about social media and its potential as a sales channel. That’s because even with its mass reach, social media marketing remains an axe to grind for businesses at large.

The most common agony for businesses is they are pitching sales all the time. Social media is true to its labelling—it’s highly social. Corporate speak matters, but only just.

Remember social media isn’t a flea market. Hard selling has no place here. But businesses however seem to shoot for recognition, audience, and bottom lines all the time. This is where they go horribly wrong.

Stop being part of the noise! This is the mantra for social success.

Social media marketing should be used to make consumers’ lives better either by intelligent, valuable and entertaining engagement. Some brands do an excellent job at that, others’ simply fiddle around.

Despite all this talk, its a little surprising there isn’t any established way to sell within the social landscape. Even major brands sometimes struggle to monetize their social efforts. Why?

They fall into too much sales talk.

As most business blogs seem to reflect. There’s too much sales, promotions and corporate speak that don’t appeal much to masses. Remember, most consumers aren’t business heads and are out there for social engagements.

Content then becomes the most critical bridge between you and your audience. The basic goal of content marketing is to nourish visitors — to give them what your competitors can’t or won’t, to educate them, and inspire them into making an educated purchase. Such content gives an opportunity to have your audience engaged in conversations, dialogues, and sales.

Finding out ways to appear valuable to these audiences then becomes paramount. When this makes up the core of every marketing initiative, you innovate in ways that are valuable and selling.

Great content can bring social audiences to your website—but this traffic becomes meaningless if user engagement ends here. Long-term success happens if, and only if, you hold visitors into future business interactions.

That said, as a business it’s not feasible to stave off marketing ploys completely. Most businesses would find that a tall and inane order. But the moment it dawns upon that social media marketing isn’t an outright selling game, trust yourself that you have found your way.

Remember, if staying away from the noise is important, making the right noises is equally crucial!

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  • Posted On July 18, 2012
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