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Soap Nuts: A new Innovation

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In the land where they have originated, soap nuts are being called as “Ritha” and being used since years for general laundry cleaning purposes. Relatively new, this eco friendly alternative of the harsh chemicals that they use in the detergents and the trend is picking up.


There are so many reasons, partly because it is environ friendly, partly because there is no chemicals that have been used, the soap Nuts are entering every mom’s closet, every household. The use is really versatile indeed. In the Himalaya reason, where they can not use the washing machine, the cloths are put in a tumbler and then water and the soap nuts are being poured into. In other usage, before mothballing permanently for the year, the woolen cloths are being cleaned with these eco friendly soap nuts. Now, these goodies are tiptoeing in to our families as well, for better.


The eco friendly Soap nuts are here to be used for the same purpose, to clean the apparels, to clean the clothes and so on. The world is in the constant quest to get the good alternative of the chemicals and the hazards. They are ready to pay for the same as well. But the problem is how to get it. Fortunately, there are some pages in the net that gives away the information and the economical price for that. One such site is, you can go there, have your purchase and it will be a great experience in days to come, as it can be said. The soap nuts, a berry from the soap berry tree in the Himalaya region is reaching your home and at present a few clicks away.


So what is so great about these eco friendly soap balls, the answer is in the question indeed, the eco friendliness of the product that solves a million dollar question. Put it in the small wash bag of the washing machine, put it there and add the clothes. Wash in normal manner and see the difference. The cloths will be glowing, soft and smooth. No toxic chemical is added, no other impurities, just add a touch of pristine nature in your washing system.


If you wish to call it a disadvantage then you may call it, this eco friendly soap nuts never carry any good smell with it, what ever is there is a faint one. So one thing you can do put a few drop of cool colon or something close to it and see the difference. The cloth will be shining, it will be smooth and soft and the price that you will pay for this is simply nothing indeed. For 200 to 400 washes, the 250 gm packet will cost only $ 12.50. If not a great saver, it can save your skin.


In the there are several other products. Soap nuts are relatively new in the circle, waiting for your attention.


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  • Posted On March 21, 2012
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