Soft skills focus on those elements of training that require changes in behavior and thinking. Organizations today recognize the strong relationship between the soft skills of their employees and effective customer relationships. Why should companies emphasize the importance of soft skills training? Let us talk about Indian companies. There is no questioning the fact the Indians are very competent with technical skills, but the critical question is, “Will this suffice for them to be globally competitive?” The wide rivers of culture, language and environment can only be crossed with being proficient with Soft Skills / Communication Skills. Also, today Indian companies are facing intense competition from MNCs who are offering identical services in their own backyard. The only way that Indian companies can continue to dominate this space is by up-skilling their employees in soft skills. Hence the significant increase for Soft Skills/ Communication Skills training in India.

According to a NASSCOM-McKinsey study, the Indian software industry is expected to gross US$50 billion in exports in 2008! This is based on an average growth rate of 35 percent per year. This has in turn created the need for technically sound professionals who have the people management skills to be effective managers. A survey of IT recruitment advertisements will clearly reveal that at entry-level positions technical skills are emphasized. However, soft skills like effective communication, the ability to work in teams and strong interpersonal skills are what enable a person to move up the ladder.

“The world is flat and we are constantly interacting with people who come from different cultures and countries. Hence it is vital to understand the customer, not only in terms of the project delivery but also with reference to their perspective, in order to relate to them.” says Akash Gautam, the Chief Motivator and Trainer at Akashgautam. This compelling need is driving the market for soft skills training like Managerial Training, Team Leadership, Outbound Training, Stress coping Training and Corporate Leadership Training.

Welcome to Akashgautam! We are specialists in Soft Skills / Communication Skills Training and Motivational Trainings. We are Training Consultants who create and deliver training that is tailor-made for your organization’s particular needs. The subject ‘Org Behaviour (OB)’ says – ‘The most important thing in any relationship is ‘Communication’. Let your students / employees learn the nuances of ‘Communicating better and talking sharp’, Pithiness in language, Voice modulation, Energy in voice, Body language, Vocabulary – all will get taught in the easiest of the ways. Enjoy the tour through our website and contact us to discuss your training needs. Akash Gautam could be contacted for conducting Soft Skills Trainings.


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