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Solar Power Becoming More Affordable

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Like any new product once it becomes popular, the prices go down. Think back to televisions especially color. A twelve-inch TV would cost hundreds of dollars. Now they practically give them away. In time, solar power will be cheaper, easier to install, and competition from all of the companies investing will drive the costs down. That’s how it works in this country. People investing in people, and when the government moves aside and let the public buy the products, you’ll find they are cheaper and more affordable.

Ever since their inception people have liked the idea of solar power, actually much more popular than the wind. After all, the sun always shines even on a cloudy day. It’s always there, and for us to ignore that truth, the longer it will take us to jump on board.

The twenty-year pay off plan scared many people and no wonder. Who wants to be obligated for twenty years? However with all the breakthroughs, the range is between three to five years. The huge advantage of solar power is that you may be self-sufficient long before that. Especially when you figure in reduced utility bills.

Unsightly was another drawback. People didn’t want those ugly things on top of their roof. Today they place them on the backside of the property, a back yard shed, or any other place that the sun shines for the largest part of the day. They can hide them out of sight, and only the utility company knows.

You’ll know too when the utility company sends you a credit on your monthly statement. They’ll owe you, imagine that. Soon there will be investors who see the potential of solar power especially when you live in a sun state like California. They’ll take the ideas and run with them. They’ll create new ideas and we’ll laugh at the old solar power collecting systems. 

What they need to do though is create them in this country, not abroad. The businesses that operate today are promoting themselves and claiming that their products are better, nicer looking, and better affordable. They’re silent as well, and your quiet time will remain quiet and they won’t blast you like those wind machines. They won’t kill a bunch of birds either.

So what are you waiting for? Go online and find a local company that focuses on solar power, and when the utility bills start coming in with zero balances you’ll brag to your neighbors and convince them to buy solar as well.


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  • Posted On April 23, 2012
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